Kazakhstan - current expat income tax rates?


Anyone currently working in Kazakhstan?

I'm at decision point to take a job; unfortunately the salary is quoted gross. Need to know what income tax rates expats expect to pay in 2012?

I know that income tax used to be 10% residents/ 15% non-residents/ 11% employers' social contributions - but understand that all this was supposed to change for 2012.

I heard that Kazakhstan might emulate the Russian system: 30% premium rate for foreigners not on a work permit (ie during 6+ months processing period), banded income tax rates, banded personal and corporate social contribution rates. If this is true, then my gross salary might be deducted anywhere between 10 and 50%.....

p.s. parent company is highly ethical, and I will be the local MD - so no offshoring of pay or bonuses, etc. Not that I expect any Arrsers would be doing that, having done their Values and Standards training, of course... LOL

Thanks for any real world data!

.... because everyone just reads the "Last 50"

(Why is "Overseas Living" in "Social & relationships"? Surely it would be more relevant in "employment" or "property", as those are the usual core topics?)
3 years ago it was a straight 10% and they had "double" taxation agreement between UK and Kaz Gvt, got no details, but no one got seen off and it was quite beneficial

I think they are cutting up rough now though so ignore the bollocks above

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