Katyn 1940


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I was aware of the story - but not in the depth illustrated by Mark Felton here.

Makes no bones about the guilt of 'Uncle Joe' for personally ordering the murder of 12,000 Polish military POWs.

Allied POWs were brought in to witness the Nazi exhumations at the site near Smolensk.

Churchill believed the view of Polish government in exile, that the Soviets had been responsible.

But the Allies needed the Red Army to destroy Hitler.

Until 1989, Polish efforts to uncover the truth were supressed by the Soviet authorities.

No-one has ever stood trial for the Katyn massacres.

Bit of additional background here : Katyn Massacre | Polish history [1940]
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The memorial on Cannock Chase is beautiful.




Hardly forgotten, but good summary from this excellent source.


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I agree....I don't think many have forgotten Katyn, so Felton's title is a little OTT....but I for one was unaware of the full background.

I can't recall if the otherwise excellent 'World at War' touched on this (?)

Part of the problem was that the Nazis made maximum use of the propaganda - who in 1943 wanted to hear even a grain of truth from Goebbels and Lord Haw-Haw?

Tricky issue - and fairly typical of stuff that ,even today - you will hear Grown Ups in government say things like

' In the public interest? Really, you think ? What good would it do if the public DID know? '

In 30 years time , our children may have a true picture of what is happening in the world today....you and I will be dust.


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I can't recall if the otherwise excellent 'World at War' touched on this (?)
I think so. I remember TWAW first time around, it was about then I first heard of Katyn and images in the back of my head are typical of TWAW. But I could be wrong.
I read a book on this quite a few years ago. It described how the Church of England had asked when a memorial was first suggested that the exact date be left off so as not to upset the Soviets, this was post WW2 in the time when the church seemed quite enamoured with Stalin and all things Communist. They wanted it to read "...during the early years of the war...". This seemed entirely at odds with what I expected from the church but now I am more worldly and see them for the charlatans they really are.

I also see that some of the hard left sites are still claiming the Germans did this.

It seems then there are people who really do want to forget this horrific crime so I hope they and their actions/words are also remembered for what they are.


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In the Rodina, Putin and his robber band are busily trying to rehabilitate Comrade Djugashvili as a national icon - the nasty old cult.

Stalin’s monument was torn down on October 23, 1956, by enraged anti-Soviet crowds during Hungary’s October Revolution.

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