Katrina rebuilding "long way off"

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=newsOne&storyID=2006-08-29T052358Z_01_N28316893_RTRUKOC_0_US-BUSH.xml&WTmodLoc=Home-C1-TopStories-newsOne-2
  2. The people of New Orleans didn't do themselves any favors re-electing the dumbass who mis-managed the hurricane in the first place.

    Nagin couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone lead a city to recovery.
  3. That was a surprise to me. How was the election administered? How did they deal with the dispersion of voters?
  4. No idea, probably absentee ballots.

    Here is a collection of headlines from the late antics of our late great city. :twisted:
  5. I've been in NO a couple of times on Rugby tours. Even in my alcohol addled state it was apparent to me that a levee failure would be disastrous. I remember coming out of one bar way late at night and looking UP at the outine of a levee about 100ft away and maybe 30ft above where I stood.

    As to the reputation of the city my mate got mugged on Bourbon St and the desk sergeant laughed at him when he went to report it. On the other hand one of the taxi companies virtually adopted us. As we moved from bar to bar the lead cars would tell the cars moving the stragglers to skip a bar or two too keep us together.

    We had come from Houston and I had had to endure a lot of bollocks about NI and how bad it must have been growing up there. On the way to NO in the hire bus the news reported that twenty five people had been shoot dead in houston in the precceding two days. Cheeky bastards. The Houstonians advised us that if we dropped our wallet in NO we should kick it back to the hotel rather than bend over to pick it up! :D
  6. I have been to NO 6 months ago as part of a road trip, the city Centre part (Downtown) including Bourbon street has been spruced up , more for the Mardi Gras than anything else, outside of the City centre is no mans land, empty houses, street and traffic lights not working , it was scary driving out at night, it felt like a film set from "Omega man", the last thing i needed was a crash at an intersection out there and get stranded. 8O

    im not surprised that its still bad, even as far as Slidell, the motels were booked up and it took us 20 min to get served at a McDonald drive thru due to staff shortage, same everywhere, motel prices were bumped up to take advantage, :evil: i hope the people will remember after, i certainly will, one motel was run by an paki and he charged us rip off rate and teh hotel was a flea pit , previously lived in by a family and not cleaned up , but we had no choice everywhere was booked up.
  7. The second time I was there it was the penultimate day of Mardi Gras '93. I had to stay back in the hotel for some reason and took a taxi on my own to follow the boys into town. Since Mardi Gras was in fulls wing it was qued back onto the freeway at the Superdome Off Ramp so the driver suggested he take me to the next ramp and drop me at the top end of Bourbon street. I agreed and off we went.

    When we got there got out of the car and went towards the street he indicated at a slightly faster pace than I would have normally because I was so unerved by the site of the people and buildings on the other side of the road. It was the sort of scene that you would expect Starsky and Hutch to screech into and drive through a pile of boxes. In reterospect there probably wasn't much harm in it but I didn't hang about to find out.

    Then out of the frying pan into the fire..... I was walking along (not so fast now there were obvious tourist crowds ahead) trying to read the address of where we were to RV on the scrap of paper I'd been given. As I walk into the crowd with my head still down I see out of the corner of my eye a pair of combat boots sticking out from below a very ornate hem of a "southern belle" dress. These are being worn by a 6 foot skinheaded bloke! The first two intersections at the top of Bourbon Street turn out to be the gay area!
  8. One of the bigger electoral sandwich-dropping moments in electoral politics.

    Saw an ABC 20/20 the other night that took a look at insurance companies (State Farm & All State) that apparently ordered engineers and loss adjustors to alter reports on damaged/destroyed property in MS so the insurance companies wouldn't have to pay out. Damage caused by wind (which was covered under most policies) was allegedly attributed to the storm surge (flood- which wasn't covered in most cases).
  9. Yep, more suits who need their heads on pikes, pour encourager les autres.
  10. Who builds their house below sea level in an area prone to hurricanes?
  11. Lived there for a couple of months in 94 .Great food and bourbon street area was fun . Violent and racially divided though .Best thing happened
    to a lot of the inhabitants is being evacuated lot of them arent planning on coming back.