Katrice Lee case

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HairySack, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. TBH this isn't the place to discuss an ongoing investigation, as the BBC article also points out, prejudicing the case etc etc.
  2. Ongoing? Leave it out.
    It's a 30 year old case that has not been pursued for years until someone asked questions.
  3. Have they tried facebook?
  4. Talk about a blast from the past!!!! I'd just completed an RE diving course in November 81 and this was the first job I went to. Spent over a week grovelling about in drainage ditches and diving in nil-vis conditions in the river Lippe and Lippesee. Very sad. At the time it was just another job, but when I think about the circumstances and 'what if's' now that I've got young kids it brings a lump to the throat. I hope the parents get some sort of closure.
  5. I've talked to Katrice Lee in spring 1990. I've seen her again in my grandfathers basement in 1991. After I heard about the case on the German version of crimestoppers, I waited 3 days in order to verify my memories, and called the RMP. Nobody wants to believe me, what happened then. My calls were redirected to a guy calling himself Steven Vinton, who told me he would send two RMP officers over to Germany to talk to me in person. I then met those two guys, of whom one called himself officer Williams, in a hotel. They asked me a couple of questions, they even had documents with the RMP logo with them, and attacked me afterwards when I was trying to leave the hotel. This is not a joke and I'm not crazy or sth..
    This is the background of all this: Responsible for what happened to Katrice is a very large network. It is not really a paedophile network, but, yes, there are a lot of paedophiles in it. They use children for various purposes, mainly for extorting other people. It is very complicated to explain this. It is basically a snowball system. The people who started this network subordinated their own children to a psychological concept, that probably some of you have heard of. It is the same concept that is used to recruit child soldiers. The children were exposed to sexual violence in particular for a long time and then they offered those children, that they could avoid the violence, if they participate in the network. Participating in the network means, that they have to recruit new members for example. Because children cannot really recruit other people, they had to bring in other children. Here it becomes really difficult for me to explain, because my knowledge of the English language is not sufficient. I tried to explain it to various British authorities and the press - as a result they think I'm crazy or a conspiracy theorist. Nobody wants to believe, that this is going on for decades already in Germany. Everybody believes German authorities would know about it, if it was really true. In fact there are people in German authorities who know about it, but they either belong to the network themselve or they are too scared to take action. The reason for that is, that this network was actually created by the so called new far-right and the objective is to conduct subversion. It is the old story, that the far-right wants to rule Germany again one day and this is their strategy - and it works. Extorting people with crimes that involve children in order to obtain loyalty and secrecy. Secrecy is so important for those people that they avoid killing me right away - instead they're currently killing me slowly and silently.
    If someone of you would take the time and talk to me, instead of deleting this post or whatever, I'll answer all the questions that might have come up to you now. I'll tell you why I know all this, I'll tell you what Katrice Lee has said to me, I'll explain to you, why it is so important to listen to me instead to someone else.
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    OH fuck me beer and popcorn time!
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  7. Oh go on don't stop there, is Elvis with her, this is important you know.
  8. It's actually not funny. My grandfather was a sick Nazi and one of them for a while. They wanted me to participate in this and I refused. Therefore they hate me. And now I've got a lot of trouble because of all this. Currently they're waiting, because they know that people don't take me serious. But the report about Katrice Lee on German TV changed everything for me. They are currently doing a lot to silence me.

    You know, it actually doesn't matter whether their plan would work out or not, but they created the network for it. Search google for Wiking-Youth, this is where my grandfather wanted me to participate. After it was officially out ruled in Germany they came up with this sick network plan.
  9. So Elvis, yes or no?
  10. Your grandfather was unwell and one of "THEM" or one of them, the sort of chap who abseils through windows or the sort of chap who bakes a light cake?
  11. No, no Elvis, just evil people with a twisted mind. You never heard of how child soldier recruitment is done?
  12. Just when I think that arrse is going downhill...the best loon ever turns up.

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  13. Do they give them sweeties?
  14. I actually don't know why they took Katrice L., since they usually do it to German kids and their families. They usually don't abduct kids.
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