Katona made bankrupt.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Chuffed, I really can't stand this woman and her constant need to remain in the public eye!
  2. Aw bless! What a pity, never mind! Moving on......
  3. Are HMRC going to repossess here implants?
  4. How I shall laugh......

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  5. I do hope that she's forced into hard core porn. I really do. Those tits.
  6. Only if it's Kaviar porn i would happily pay to see a box head sh1t all over her minging face
  7. That's one in the nose for her.
  8. Surely you mean snout?
  9. Fat, usless t wat. Good
  10. Money didn't come through quickly enough! :D

    BBC Website

    Serves the silly cow right - minded of an approach made by a charity to her and the other two members of Atomic Kitten many years ago, to do a "pose with kids" photo for a national campaign.

    Every other celebrity (Premiership Players, TV presenters, actors and actresses, et al) - some 200 in all, gave up their time for nothing, Katona was insistant that a £10k fee was paid by the charity - unsurprisingly, she got fecked off at the high port - rightly so.

    What goes around, comes around, eh Kerry? Stupid bitch. :twisted:
  11. I cant believe she still earns 400k a year for her column in hello and 700k a year from the iceland ads, and is fecking bankrupt. Stupid bint i hope she has to do bukkake porn for a living.
  12. She certainly went to rack and ruin that girl, I thought she used to look quite fit when she first rocked up on the scene!

    *I am old and daft though*