Katona made bankrupt.

JoseyWales said:
That's one in the nose for her.
Surely you mean snout?
Biscuits_AB said:
I do hope that she's forced into hard core porn. I really do. Those tits.
Money didn't come through quickly enough! :D

TV personality Kerry Katona has been awarded substantial damages over newspaper claims she worked as a prostitute before she was famous.

The former Atomic Kitten singer, 27, has accepted an undisclosed amount following the libel case against the Sunday Mirror at London's High Court.

The newspaper ran a story on 22 June which said Katona's mother intended to publish a book including the claims.

It published an apology on Sunday, and said the claim was "entirely false".

On 22 June The Sunday Mirror published an article with the headline Betrayed by Mum - Kerry's Mother Dishes the Dirt in Explosive New Book, with the claim that Katona once worked as a prostitute.

The paper has now said that Katona's mother Sue never made the allegation, in a book or otherwise.
BBC Website

Serves the silly cow right - minded of an approach made by a charity to her and the other two members of Atomic Kitten many years ago, to do a "pose with kids" photo for a national campaign.

Every other celebrity (Premiership Players, TV presenters, actors and actresses, et al) - some 200 in all, gave up their time for nothing, Katona was insistant that a £10k fee was paid by the charity - unsurprisingly, she got fecked off at the high port - rightly so.

What goes around, comes around, eh Kerry? Stupid bitch. :twisted:
I cant believe she still earns 400k a year for her column in hello and 700k a year from the iceland ads, and is fecking bankrupt. Stupid bint i hope she has to do bukkake porn for a living.
She certainly went to rack and ruin that girl, I thought she used to look quite fit when she first rocked up on the scene!

*I am old and daft though*
Biscuits_AB said:
I do hope that she's forced into hard core porn. I really do. Those tits.
Got to agree with Biscuits. I'd pay good money for that. And a fiver more if I could touch them.
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