Katie price releasing new single

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flynavy, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. When Katie Price is out of the jungle she is releasing a new single a cover of Aqua's Barbie girl

    I'm a Barbie girl,
    In a Barbie world,
    Tits are plastic,
    Sons a spastic. He can't comb his hair, he dribbles everywhere. Its fantastic, little black spastic.
    Come on Harvey lets go party!!
  2. Ow, think i'm getting a hernia from laughing so much . . . . . or maybe not.

  3. Didn't K.P wan't her monger son to come in the jungle and play with the mud and gunge. I'm a celebrity has it's very own sticky black spastic!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  4. It must be truly awful being Harvey and having that for a mum, at least Jade did right by her kids.
  5. by dying
  6. :wink:
  7. Its dusty in here!
  8. Swine, I love Jade.
  9. How dare you insult such a beautiful, special angel of a woman. What about all the good things she did for the world like... like...

    ...yeah dying.
  10. Peter Andre said that he was sad to hear she'd walked out because of her unfair treatment by the public. Now she'll have the kids back again...and he'll really miss the huge fat one banging into the walls.
  11. Selling Bourbon Biscuits for 49p a pack?

    That's ASDA Price.

    Selling Plastic Fire Trucks

    That's Fisher Price

    Selling pathetic stories to the Sun?

    That's Katie Price.
  12. flynavy

    This following story is true, but extremely dull. It seems like only yesterday (actually it was December 2001) I was in a chatroom, and commented that Jordan's plastic tits reminded of the front end of a Sea Harrier's radar.....


    Non Organic




    Sadly they got rid of the wrong one. Persons with insomnia might be interested in the PPRuNe Sea Jet thread. Arghhh OCD strikes again!


    Swine, I love Jade.

    You'll be needing a spade then!
  13. Brilliant!
  14. Since leaving the jungle she's decided to treat herself to a new car, she went to the nearest Bentley dealer and asked for the top of the range sports model, but specially converted for her son Harvey. The salesman asked her...

    "Certainly madam, what flavour would you like the windows?
  15. There was another disaster in the Jordan household this week, the phone rang & Harvey answered the iron!