Katie Price/Jordan?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me or is she a bit of a slapper with fake tits?
    Newspaper article last week about her having a comp for the next woman to be her!
    What normal woman wants to be like Jordan, apart from the money that is?
    If she falls into water do her tits keep her afloat??
  2. Rich slapper with fake tits. Did I read somewhere she's had them reduced?
  3. One of the most annoying self centred cunts in the world. I'd love to kick her cunt in.... Fuckin oxygen thief!
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  4. How do you know the original poster is a "she" ?
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  5. Bollocks......I'd rather shag her than you....you ugly git!:threaten:
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  6. I'd smash her. If you check out the internet video of her putting out you'll notice that she's filthy.
  7. Any bird who wishes to imitate Katy Price must be IQ deficient.

    Who the fuck wants to give birth to a 16 stone retarded half caste?
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  8. Jordan is my daughter's best mate's idol :(

    But there again,
    1) she's blonde, and
    2) her next ambition is to be on either Essex/Geordie Shores tv programmes.

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  9. Katie Price, for all her failings, (and there are lots), is one hell of a business woman!

    ... and yes i would!
  10. Are you sure that Katie Price and Jordan are the same person?
  11. Has there been an outbreak of rampant screaming Gayism ?

    Of course you would.....
  12. I wouldn't
  13. Not another thread on this haggard galloping old trot pig!!!
    She should be dragged through a razor wire barricade by her tits four times a day!
    Anyone who wishes to imitate such a gangling rag wart needs battery acid to the face and a swift kick in the cunt for being a retarded gimp!
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  14. i would like to insert both my hands up her anus and start clapping.

    ( but then again i would like to do that to any female)
  15. Did think it strange to name yourself after an F1 Team.
    But may be Katie had had the team & wanted a name she could remember??