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Katie Price - Anyone fancy helping her out

Good man to volunteer to take one for Arrse & let katie gobble you off.
Tea & Medals when you get back.
Is this so katie has more time to make some money, get her large ones out, make another poor adult themed video and get screwed by her current boyfriend/pimp and the son only weighs in at 29 stone so bad parenting some would think.

Has katie thought of making an arrse adult video as @don't tell him pike would be up to bang her in every hole is a goal theme. Arrse Films presents Katie Does Kettering*.

*Other towns will be visited by Katie.
He will need one of these



She had them removed some time ago.
Indeed. Her flaps now adorn the curtain rail above the patio door and a matching set of duvet covers was made from the remaining material.


Book Reviewer
Is that to keep her crack open?

it's one of a set to keep it closed


we don't want any more slow moving zombies escaping
You would think the driver's insurance company would be footing the bills somewhere down the line wouldn't you?
That depends on whether the driver was insured or not. There are funds in place now to cover you if you are hit by an uninsured driver, but back then there weren't. Care costs could well be getting picked up by the local authority. Until a few years ago our lass was at a care home where one of the residents was brain damaged due to stopping a piece of bomb casing with his head when he was a toddler. Care costs are covered by Essex County Council, even though the care home is in Bournemouth. Well, they could hardly sue the Luftwaffe.

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