Katie Price - Anyone fancy helping her out


If this latest breach gets to court, surely that means a custodial sentence is the only option.

Not holding my breath though.:x
Just happened to spot this while reading about her latest possible transgression. She already had business class flights to somewhere hot before the sentencing the other day.
Bit cheeky dontcha think...

............or get paid in kind?

....go and have a shower, now, with disinfectant!
She not the full shilling.
I disagree, I think she is a full shilling though she thinks she is untouchable re jail time due to being a celeb and playing the son carer card, a line of thinking not being disabused by the legal system unfortunately.


She not the full shilling.
Now thats a phrase worthy of another thread on here recently about saying likely to be lost.. Can someone help us out as to what the post was named? Ta
My Grandad used not the full shilling all the time, as well as que3r as a nine bob note!

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