Katie Price - Anyone fancy helping her out


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Katie & Vardy bint have been around & both have connection with Peter Andre?
Perhaps add Mrs Rooney and call the show British Slappers Do Skeggy?


Oh the indignity of it all eh Pricey luv. 7 * holiday hotels in the Middle and Far East within the past 6 months to having to scrape the scum off the bottom of the barrel to find a few bob for HMRC in Tamworth ffs. I worked there several days a week in a very vain attempt at supporting the feckless back into employment, delivering work programme and life skills. 100% fail rate in that bottom feeder town I'm afraid.

At least she's guaranteed at least two willing fans eh readers :) The ugly swine.


From memory, all the dunker/Johnny machines in pub bogs used to come from Tamworth.

Maybe she’s taking the opportunity to stock up.


I think she had the 4 wheeled "sports" car (sort of plastic Jensen Interceptor) called the Scimitar, rather than the 3 wheel Robin (aka "Plastic pig".
I'll just get back in my box...
Didn't they have slightly wider doors than average? We had a somewhat corpulent officer (Think Baron Greenback in Danger Mouse) who used one as it was easier to get in and out of.

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