Katie Price and Peter Andre to divorce!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Sniff, sob :cry: This is the most disasterous, momentous news ever in the history of the universe :cry: :cry: It's just too much to bear... I can't go on!

    Right, I'm off with a bottle of Scotch and the mess Webley... (I may be gone sometime!)

    Katie Price and Peter Andre to divorce!
  2. You're only a day late. :x
  3. Nice going turbo.

    I have heard that the Americans have put a man on the moon too.
  4. Max Clifford at work?
  5. I am so upset.

    I was just starting to like them.
  6. Maybe she's thinking of doing a Lindsay Lohan as she was at the Shilling in Bristol at the weekend a very well known Gay and Lesbian club
  7. Was Max Clifford giving her direction?

    I love the google ad at the top of this page - "Sexually Transmitted diseases Clinic" Price-less. :)
  8. I pity the children.

  9. Now there's a surprise. Didn't expect that to happen.
  10. Must be user tailored ad's as mines offing me a Jaguar with 13% off :wink:
  11. Shame really.... I personally think they deserve each other.
  12. I have www.britmilfit.com. FFS, I've just passed my BPFA, what more do they want?

  13. I've got Olive Dating :oops: Can it read my mind? As I'm thinking of joining!
  14. Well, excuoooooose me buddy! Clearly you spend more time reading Heatmagazine than I do!

    For years now Pete and Jordan have been on and off more often than Status Quo have had come back tours. I thought it was only made official last night :?

    Oh well... if it's old news to the rest of you clued-up lot please just let this fred disappear quietly into the nothingness (like the blessed Pete and Ms Plastic-T1ts)