Katherine Jenkins to sing for the troops in Iraq.


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Oh Jesus Christ.

This is like post Falklands when The Stranglers offered to pay their own way to The Falklands to entertain the troops but the MOD turned them down and booked Una Stubbs instead.
She has talent as well.....better than the usual 'Look at mE.

To be honest I would go just to here her sing.

In Vitez '93, Samantha Fox gave the troops a moral boosting visit, she looked 'average' and offered nothing by way of talent in return for the amount of time and effort spent making sure she was safe.

Katherine Jenkins,by way of contrast can sing. Not to everybody's taste admittedly, but she can stand on stage for an hour, look good and entertain.
Another example of male squaddies getting eye candy. The (straight) chicks out there arn't gonna get much out of it, are they?

This inequality has been going on for years. The squaddie chicks want eye candy too. . . . . . . . . Send out the cute blokes!

Robbie, entertain the ladies!
Seriously top totty. She gets my vote and anything else she wants, really

Sluice_dweller said:
FFS typical the boy's get something to letch at......what about the girls?

Max Boyce? :D
Storeman Norman said:
Seriously top totty. She gets my vote and anything else she wants, really

Those chebs are worth every penny she paid the surgeon. Her nose too. :twisted:
Very nice lady with a fine voice(nice t*ts as well)
Anyone remember a few years ago when Claire Sweeney fancied herself as the new forces sweetheart and also sang that cringeworthy song to the War widows at the Festival of Rememberance?

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