Katherine Jenkins the forces sweetheart

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We saw the georgous Katherine at the Festival of Rememberance & now she has been & visited the troops in Iraq.
    Shame the are'nt more like her,willing to give up her time,travel thousands of miles to put on a show for our lads & lassies.

    From todays Mail on Sunday;

    Katherine Jenkins article.

    "Missile alert at rear! Missile alert at rear!" are not words I ever expected to hear when I became a singer, but when they were urgently shouted as I flew between bases on my first 12-hour, whistle-stop tour to entertain the troops in Iraq, it was for real.

    As I was hit by the G-force of the helicopter plunging 1,500ft in seconds, I glanced at the soldiers sitting opposite me: they looked every bit as petrified as I was. I started screaming.

    While the helicopter was still plummeting, the pilot tilted its nose forward to try to see where the missile was coming from. We were rocking and rolling about all over the place.
  2. I wonder if she loaned anyone her silicone pillows
  4. Im in love again..............
  5. A missile alert at Kate's rear? I feckin' bet there was! A love missile perchance? Lovely personalities. :wink:
  6. Cow

    Cow LE


    Humm, googled her and found this!
  7. At one stage, his foot on my back, he pushed me face down into the mud. I thought it was fab-lous, as we say in Wales.

    well at least she likes it rough from squaddies!
  8. She also visited Basra and The Highlanders in 2006 with Jim Davidson. We have the pictures of her slipping into an APC top hatch with such a sexy wriggle that the CO/2IC/Adjt/QM/QM(T)/Every OC of anything/RSM/all CSMs/everyone above the rank of FNG promptly volunteered to go on patrol around the airstrip with her!

    Lovely girl and as she is a former primary school teacher she was able to give the RMP Det spelling lessons too! 'That's ONE "oh" in "Jock" not two, boyo...'
  9. Forces sweetheart, my arse!

    Her eyes are too close together for a start....

    her singing material is all the same,. "we'll meet again,..." Change the fcuking record.

    I'm not bitter OR twisted, by the way....

  10. no but i am :D
  11. There are some really big tits in that pic.

    Kathryns really are first class, aren't they ?
  12. Spot the difference..........

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  13. Izzit coz she is welsh?
  14. Nowt against the Welsh, just her.

  15. She is supposed to up for the forces, how come it cost our corps an arm and leg for her to make an appearance which lasted mins. I say bin the wench!