Katherine Jenkins looking for a new portion!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Hold up,she's Welsh ffs.
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  2. What the fuck has nationality got to do with such a classy desirable piece of flange?! I'd crawl over 100 miles of broken glass just to sniff her love juices!
  3. She had her chance, turned me down, fuck her.
  4. You're setting the bar way too high. I hear Sinaed O'Connor is also back on the market.
  5. I'm 3/8th Welsh, so by right of birth, get in line you feckers.
  6. Not only is she very very attractive, but she rests her voice alot by not talking the day before a performance.

    Can you imagine a better looking girl who doesn't answer back for half the year? Just about perfect if you ask me.
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  7. Would need a few beers for that!
  8. Seems Russel Brand is also back on the market.
  9. I thought you lot only went for the cousins?
  10. Don't get them mixed up with the Norfolk folk...
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Aye...it seems Katy Perry has given up the cock...
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  12. Jack - Thank you for that...I'm now happy and the world is good.