Kate's Double?

Darken the hair, consume less pies and Kate in 15 years time?

Well within the target area. As the gigs dry up, we may even see some lingerie modelling. What a day that'll be on Arrse.
She could charge £100 an hour easy for the Royal personal massage experience, tiara's and riding crops....just popping to the loo a minute.
To get that real royal 'look', I believe she nees to embrace that age old regal tradition . . . Bulimia

Still have to say, she's well fuckable :nod:
Can see some resemblence but she is never going to pass for Kate. Granted she is pure milf though and I would quite happily have a go at either of them, together would be nice in a mother daughter both want me kind of way :king:


Give Kate a few months on the patch at Valley and you might that the resemblence gets closer...
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