Kate's Double?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. She looks fuck all like her, in fact I look more like Duchess than she does. Still would mind.
  2. When is she gonna get her tits out?
  3. Darken the hair, consume less pies and Kate in 15 years time?

    Well within the target area. As the gigs dry up, we may even see some lingerie modelling. What a day that'll be on Arrse.
  4. The Daybreak weather girlie looks like her too. And yes, I would do both.
  5. Lookalike? No.

    Do I want to suck a fart out of her arse? Yes.
  6. Show us ya tits then.
  7. She could charge £100 an hour easy for the Royal personal massage experience, tiara's and riding crops....just popping to the loo a minute.
  8. At leat she could take a snipers bullet or cied for her if the need arises
  9. Everyones got to earn a shilling today.

    Good luck to her.

    It`s the kids I feel sorry for.
  10. I keep reading the title to this thread as "Kate's Doable?"

    Wonder why that might be.
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  11. To get that real royal 'look', I believe she nees to embrace that age old regal tradition . . . Bulimia

    Still have to say, she's well fuckable :nod:
  12. 32 my arse!

    But yes, there isnt a thing in the pantry I wouldnt try and stuff up/in her.
  13. Well fuck me, isn't that the Duchess of Cambridge serving egg and chips to that lorry driver over there? :roll:
  14. Just for you..............