Kate Moss and the Rabbis lass.


In short, no, clothes do maketh the man, but sticking a Kate Moss rip off on a journo and firing a bit of hot hair through its locks leaves you with what can only be described as a slightly slow looking Jew.

The female deception of wearing garb to divert from looks is a sore point for me, I whispered something sultry into the nape of an elegant neck once as she was nicely clad in ripped denim jeans and knee high boots to then be confronted with what can only be described as Eugene Terreblanche in lippy and a Rolling Stones T shirt.
Ah yes the natural beauty of... Photoshop

Mr_Deputy said:
what the feck are you on about? have you started a 'what not to wear' thread?
FFS, he's a former bootie - of course it's a 'what not to wear' thread. :roll: They have outfits for every occasion, dontchaknow?!
I think...somewhat through the bottom of a glass, I was trying to say that as much as you try to dress a boot up a boot is still a boot ? Ill stick to wife beating and baiting..

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