Kate Moss and Cocaine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Percy, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Yes - and all the other luvvies who support her

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  2. No - Taking cocaine is normal in civvy street - what's the fuss?

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  3. Don't know - my mind is wrecked from drug abuse

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  1. I was listening to the radio today where the allegations against Kate Moss concerning a cocaine habit were being discussed. This was provoked in part by Janet Street Porter coming out in Kate Moss's defence and claiming that photographs of her (allegedly) taking cocaine were an invasion of her privacy.

    It will come as no surprise to ARRSELAND (particularly if you've read my previous posts about speeding) that I have no sympathy with any who break the law and then cry foul when they are caught.

    Am I being harsh? Is Janet Street Porter the voice of reason or do the majority think it is right to investigate Kate Moss?
  2. Guess heroin aint so chic this week then for fashionistas
  3. Ah, but proving that the white powder she "allegedly" sniffed was in fact cocaine would be beyond the possible - therefore no chance of a succesful prosecution - therefore a waste of time - and sadly, therefore, a platform for Street-Porter. Mind you, if the Attourney General views the alleged offence in the same light that he views allegations of war crimes against us, Moss can expect to have her collar felt at any time over the next two years - irespective of the CPS advice.......
  4. She, like most of the so-called "It" crowd are just chav scum with money, so I'd be happy to have them all locked up.
  5. I have no sympathy with law breakers myself, however, why would the police get involved with someone who (allegedly) has a habit, especially in the celebrity world when most of them have been through rehab? Does this mean they should ALL be investigated? Waste of resources IMHO. Anyway, there have been plenty of pictures of this sort with many 'stars' and I can't recall such a fuss being made before.

    Target the pushers not the users, an addict needs help. Forcable rehab sounds like a good option to me.
  6. I second Dozy's comment, couldn't care less if they all snorted themselves to death.
  7. mmm...the fashion face of britain...a DRUGGY!......but this girly was already on that downhill spiral..decided to go out with a druggy prat for a boyfriend..hahaha
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The thing that really p1sses me off about Kate Moss is that a couple of years ago she went into the Priory to be cured of her sex addiction before I'd even had the chance to meet her...
  9. All drugs should be legalised, then the Old Bill wouldn't have to waste their time fighting their useless "War on Drugs" and we'd all have a bit of peace.

  10. no sympathy for her at all, BUT this does stink of making an example of someone. i think that it would be hard to prosecute on pictures alone, as already pointed out, they don't know what she's actually snorting.. but mostly...

    i just don't care! i'm with the people on the board here who say let them snort themselves to death
  11. The fact that she is losing jobs and money due to her snorting habit is surely at long last a message to teenagers that drugs aren't cool but will mess your life up big time. It's about time something like this happened. I'm tired of so called celebs constantly moaning about how tough life is for them when they can waste £200 pounds a day on drugs whilst I and no doubt many others both in and out of the armed forces work bloody hard trying to scrape enough money together to get on the property ladder.

    Rant over, don't know what came over me then!
  12. Well as long as the lesbian sessions whilst wazzed out of her face are made available via the intermanet, I think the coke snorting skinny whore should be let off with a caution and be given the keys to the London Dungeon.
  13. Bingo TMW!! :)
  14. how many people in the media, and also the marketing department of H&M are NOT on sniff .... not f*cking many .. if any.

    pot calling kettle if you ask me, and a right non story ... it's not news it's f*cking gossip.
  15. I'm very much in the "nick the b1tch" camp on this one.