Kate Mcann : I want to work in Childcare.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Funbags, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Read the article - it says 'Child Welfare'.

    She is a GP - she is hardly going to go and work as a helper in a creche is she?

    Consider also the fact that she has lost a daughter - only a parent could understand this - knobber...
  2. Peace Envoy to the Middle East, Mr T Blair.
  3. So someone who is still a suspect in her own daughters disapearance openly declares she want to work in child welfare and not childcare .. well thats alright then. I mean she is perfectly qualified to comment on child welfare isnt she .. a veritable shining light of an example to us mere mortal parents.

    And I have two kids who I have taken on Holiday and despite both being older than Maddie they were never left on their own, funnily enough none of them have been abducted either. Call me old fashioned but I saw it as my responsibility to ensure they are safe at all times. I therefore feel the right to claim the moral high ground of over this symapthy seeking waste of skin who has only herself to blame for the predicament she is in .. hope the meal was worth it.

    Therefore you can kiss my hairy hoop .. you arrogant Knobber.

    And .. relax.
  4. Chairman of help the aged-Harold shipman
  5. Perhaps she could lead overseas trips for disadvantaged kids, I mean she knows the Portuguese coast quite well
  6. Friends have described Mrs McCann as a "fantastic" mother.

    Of course she is, wonderful mothers always go out and leave their kids alone in a strange place. Apart from the danger of abduction how did she think the kids would have felt had they woken up in a strange place with no one there? I do sympathise with the McCanns but that sympathy does not outweigh the blame I attach to them.
  7. She is a suspect in a sham of an investigation. I do not condone her actions but in any case they have hardly been clearly explained have they.

    Whilst this is an ongoing case posts like yours are not really helpful - I would have thought as a parent you might have a little more sympathy for their loss.

    I am arrogant because you did not read the article first before your post - is that it?
  8. And the Vatican.
  9. You know its a sham investigation, or is it something you read?
  10. Morocco :roll:
  11. In fact, you could do "Where in the world is Kate McCann going to take (lose) her kids next" seeing as the focus is now not on Madeline, but most definately Kate.

  12. Kate McCanns never said, Did she have the Chicken or the Fish?
  13. so does her new business include a company car?? maybe a Renault Mcann!! ideal for her as you can not hear the kids screaming in the back!!!!!!