Kate history.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BryanTheMegalodon, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. We live in an era where morals and standards are a lot different from what they used to be, or at least that's what I keep getting told by my parents / grandparents / neighbours ad nauseum. I don't mind admitting I had a high old time at school, college and then uni and if I were a wise man, i would have kept the knickers and flogged them on the Japanese market!

    I'm sure that as a uni student, and most certainly before she met HRH, Kate must have had a similar background including I'm sure numerous 'in-appropriate' individuals. Hypothetical question only - in an age of digital media, what would happen if something REALLY BAD came out of the woodwork, I mean REALLY bad! In years gone by it could have been strenuoulsy denied however nowadays things like that are slightly more transparent!

    Just supposing things were out there that seriously threatened to surface. What sort of repercussions could there be and what sort of action could the Family take? I appreciate injunctions would prevent the mainstream media from doing anything however other than that, what sort of scenarios might be possible?

    I've got a long 24 hours ahead of me and this is one of those middle of the night questions that keeps you going 'till morning.
    nd George? He looks more like Jorge.
  2. Your fine and enquiring mind does you credit, congratulations. I see you went to University, thanks for filling in a few gaps. Explains a lot. What a pity you're bored with 24 hours in front of you, no porn mags and rubber gloves lying around? No tasty windows nearby? Mirrors, face pulling for the use of? Fire eating and a can of petrol, perhaps. Let's hope you don't get stupid ideas and start pointless threads about Kate, how shit would that be.
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  3. I would imagine that before it all became official there was an extensive search and sweep done of any possible indiscretions, close friends contacted and questioned (in an informal manner of course) amazing what can be done electronically nowadays.
  4. Mate get a hobby, seriously.
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  5. Current affairs?
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  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps he's subilminally looking for one.
  7. MOD's sorry not current affairs, my bad. Saying that, no one has actually tried to answer the question. How would it be dealt with if there is really bad stuff out there, bearing in mind that 2 Fiat Uno's would probably look a bit suss.

    And yes, long shift with only the internet for company. Is that a problem for Arrse?
  8. You mean like one of her old boyfriends was a Muslim? Something would have to be done.
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  9. What would happen? All of the people who were so busy posting on the "Kate and William Baby" thread about how irrelevant and unimportant the personal lives of Kate and William were would be breathlessly telling us how relevant and important the personal lives of Kate and William were.
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  10. The reason you have had no replies is because nobody actually cares what you think.
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  11. OP, may I ask if you are an officer? Subaltern?
    You see it's the sort of stupid bone topic that one would want to discuss.

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  12. It's a 24 year old ish who has just spent 15 months in basic training. Don't give it your time.
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  13. Somebody give him a map please.

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  14. He's not even there yet, and once again, only 20 people on ARRSE would understand that joke.
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  15. For the love of Jeysus, can we stop these idiots spouting this puerile drivel?

    Can these idiots please return to their respective villages for a while and give us a break?

    If the OP is an officer, I'm off to join the Talibs.
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