Kate Beckinsdale....or Anna Nichole...????

Based purely on a heterosexual opinion...

Imma have to say Kate

because I would 100% play with her bean
No contest really...Kate any day!
An Engligh rose is a better choice than barbie surely?


Well I don't have usually have a 'penchant' for 'posh' english birds, but I guess I can make an exception, especially given the options. In short, no contest.

had i been muff inclined, i would say ms beckinsdale ANY day of the week.... and twice on a sunday!
beautiful looking lass, and from what i've heard people say of her, she actually seems like a nice person too, always a bonus if you're gonna go back for seconds


This makes me think that swede is certainly not only for the sunday roast. Now I don't usually have a 'penchant' for blondes, but again I'd make an exception....


(edit: and lol wouldn't you know the picture I've chosen she has dark hair LOL....guess that takes care of my hair preference :twisted:)
Katie Melua. She may not prance about in her smalls...but she's by far the loveliest thing in music!! Must be something about Kates...

A relationship other than sexual wasn't stipulated so Anna-Nicole is my winner any time. Questions like 'so which is your favourite metaphor in Othello?' and 'if you haven't read Catcher in the Rye then I refuse to come' just wouldn't happen. I reckon we'd fück each other to death :)

edited to say that I'm not assuming that Kate would necessarily spout Shakespeare it's just that I'd rather not one-night-stand it with someone who intellectualises sex :twisted:
Its got to be Kate, but for some strange reason i find that i keep going back to check out Rachel !

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