Kate and Willam Baby



So it begins,

Kate has gone into Hospital in the early stages of labour,

Current Affairs so keep it clean.

The reporting is cringeworthy at the moment from Sky News, eating my breakfast whilst a midwife discusses vaginal delivery was not the best.

Like to hear your thoughts boy or girl, succession or new succession, names, ?
No golf today, Ashes Lords test finished yesterday, Chris Froome won the Tour de France so that's all over no reason to have the TV on at all today....

When sprog puts an appearance in I shall tune in simply to see if it is is a boy or a girl.

One day in the far off future this sprogs moniker will be all over HM services cap badges and oaths will be sworn in his/her name. So persons will be forgiven for showing a mild interest.

Heard on the news before I switched it off she will undergo a natural labour......

Wonder if she will needing stitches.. :)

Edit to add.. With one of my two kids a good shag the night before seemed to kick off the Labour thing... Wonder if William took the same course?


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9 months to prepare and yet media still seems surprised!

Only thing useful is if we get a day off.


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Doesn`t Nick Witchell come out with some bollocks.


"We don`t know how long this process will take"

Shes having a baby you twat!
I thought the same! I've turned the tellybox off. It's all we're going to hear about all bloody day, and I'm bored with it already.
Well done, you made a baby. Something the human race has been capable of since the dawn of time, and it happens on a daily basis. The media act like its some sort of second coming of Christ. Yes, I know it's future monarch etc.... but all we needed to know was "Kate is in labour", and then maybe in a few hours time "here's the baby" not a blow by blow account and some news reporter on the step of the hospital every five bloody minutes repeating themselves. Slow news day!
Does any one really give a damn? Just another parasite to add to the rest of the family
More giving a damn than not. It's just that the minority of Republicans are more shrill and shouty than the Monarchists so you may feel that you are in a majority.

I'll celebrate the birth but I'll draw the line at buying the souvenir dog bowl.
The only winners in this entire pregnancy, apart from the happy couple, are the doctors who get eyes on the Royal Rat.

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I'm keeping an eye on the smaller net news columns to see what bad news the politicians try to sneak out while all eyes are on the Royal Clopper, so to speak.
Edit to add.. With one of my two kids a good shag the night before seemed to kick off the Labour thing... Wonder if William took the same course?
Didn't have you pegged as a Grandpa....
I have an inside source on this actually.

A girl I went to school with is a doctor and she told me that it's 100% certain that Kate and William's baby is going to be either a girl OR a boy. Definitely one or the other. She said there's a 50/50 chance either way but those are the two possible outcomes they've managed to narrow it down to.

Modern medical science eh? Innit marvelous. I'm off down the bookies right now!
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