Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. My AV is due to expire and someone recommended Kaspersky. Done a search on here but the threads are a couple of years old and there's probably something else about.
    Anyone used it? Good or Bad? I'm with Norton at the mo and the general opinion of users of that is to get rid. I've not had any dramas with it but then I've not used anything else.
    Any tips appreciated.
  2. Best free AVS is AVG

    Best paid for AVG is NOD32

    I wouldn't touch Norton due to the mahoosive footprint it imposes on your OS.
  3. As a PC fcukwit what does that mean?
  4. I use Kapersky on one of my laptops, I'm happy with it. It updates daily, blocks pretty much all the junk and runs smoothly with Vista. One small complaint is their customer support, not the best at getting back to you in coherent English.

    JD, the footprint means that the software gets into other programs and installs files which take forever to find and delete.
  5. Kaspersky is ok, I use it myself, gets annoying sometimes if you leave it in training/learning mode but has managed to keep the PC free from bugs so far
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. It means it uses up more resources to run the programme on your Operating System and slows it down.
  8. I use Kapersky Internet Security 2008.
    Works very well & is user friendly.

    AVG is OK as a free one.
    Avoid Norton or Mcafee as the hog system resources!
  9. Cheers everyone! Looks like me and Mr Norton will soon be parting company.
  10. Wyy not try Avira?
  11. Yep, another good free AV, use it on my Laptop.
  12. I like Kaspersky, havn't had any issues with viri since installing it. However i would recommend something like AdAware to mop up all the adware that you can get, it often picks up stuff that K doesn't.
  13. I also use Ad-Aware, Spyware Blaster & A-Squared FREE.