Kaspersky or Norton

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. I usually use Norton Anti-Virus but I've been looking through the forces discounts catalogue that was sat in our SSAFA office and there is a good deal on Kaspersky Anti-Virus (55% off!).
    Is it any good? The anti-virus that is, the discount is cracking!
  2. MSR will be along in a min, so I'll steal his advice and pretend to look intelligent.

    Microsoft Security Essentials, crackin works for me!

    And it's free!
  3. Use Avast, it's free.

    Don't go near Norton.
  4. I had Norton and in common with many others I found it slowed my PC down so removed it. Have bitdefender which I am quite happy with.
  5. I agree whole heartedly with Smudge :D
    Wouldn't have Norton given to me :x
  6. I use to use Kaspersky but did not find that good ,I have now changed to Norton Anti-Virus which i think is excellent .
  7. What he said. I've used Avast and AdAware on XP and Vista machines and had no problems.

    Never pay for software :)

    I followed msr's guru like advice and switched to microsoft security essentials too...its fab!!
  9. AVG have a free version if you look around their site, seems to work fine for home users
  10. NOD32 all the way for me and Avast for the pikeys in the family who dont wanna pay
  11. Norton is ironically one of the worst feckers you can use, not least because it's the first the naughty little buggers out there bypass first - market share and all that.
    Avast is lush, have at it.
  12. Kaspersky worked fine for me until a few weeks ago, now it won't upload the latest virus databases, went through their support system which is harder to get to the end of than it is to find an E-Mail address in Amazon! in the end after signing up for a support membership for the support site I finally received a reply, I had to upload a couple of programmes to check the computer out then upload two file logs, in the end they said it looked like my computer clock was out of synch which it wasn't! it then seemed to load the databases for a couple of days before resorting back to the crap I now have that constantly shows 0% database updates and it's turning into a bit of a mare!

    In Summary - Don't touch Kaspersky it is Shoite! :x
  13. I found the new update of AVG REALLY slowed my system down...shame because I'd used it trouble-free for years!
  14. When it went from 7.5 onwards it became crap and slow.
  15. I'm getting confused now (which isn't hard!)