Karzai wants PMC's out

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by box-of-frogs, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. if the PMC's go, who protects the convoys, the embassy's and the charity boffs? surely if they go, off goes civilisation!!?
  2. Seems to me he wants domestics to do the job. He's trying to kick the foreign contractors out.

    Can't find the link to where I read about it...
    But it fills me with dread to see the local 'security' going on duty smacked off their t*ts protecting convoys and charity medical/dental tents and the like.
    These domestic 'security' lot are usually gangster/warlord controlled and are responsible for a lot of civillian casulaties.
  3. So, Karzai wants Afghanistan for the Afghans then .... I thought that was why we were there ? No country can be dewcribed as free when it has foreign civilians doing what the local forces should do.

    (I know, I know ... tongue firmly in cheek)

    I see a few things driving this:
    Pushing back on the foreign infidels who swan round in Oakleys shooting the locals plays well to the voters;
    It means that more money gets spent in AFG which means that he and selected cronies can control it which means more power;
    Generates an opportunity to be bought off to move the date back.
  4. Karzai wants PMCs out so he can dish out contracts to his cronies and pocket all the cash. This won't happen, as no NGO, embassy, for-profit company or charity is willing for the lives of their employees to be put in the hands of some untrained and untrustworthy Afghans who will slip away into the darkness as soon as the vehicles get attacked or as soon as Karzai tells them to. When you are protected by an expat security team you know that you are all in the same boat should things get interesting and you are all equally likely to have your head chopped off with a rusty knife. That's where the trust between client and security provider comes from.

    Watan risk management - run by Karzai's cousin
    Kandahar Security - run by Karzai's brother

    Karzai has seen the profits to be made through logistic resupply and armed guarding and wants a slice of it, just like he wants a slice of everything else.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just google the problems that the Canadians are having around the Dahla Dam in Kandahar. Ex-Pat security out, KArzai's Brother's security in. There are big, big bucks involved here.
  6. Karzai is such a ****. So much so that I am surprised one of his co-religionist brothers hasn't just walked up to him, said the customary,
    "Allahuh Akbar x three" and set off a vest full of good news.

    Then again, maybe the Talibs have clocked the fact that he is the best advertisement for the Coalition being fuckwits for keeping him and his kin in power and thought to themselves, "Yah, let us keep him in place til the Infidels flee, then we can take our righteous revenge"

  7. Karzai is a corrupt, greedy, money hungry bastard.

    G4S (Armour Group) have just secured a multi million pound contract (think its initially for 3 years) protecting UK FCO and Govt Officials in Country. I cannot see that being canned in favour of Afghan Security Teams.
  8. Free Range International » Dahla Dam

    Quick link - biased but interesting enough
  9. Surely, putting the words "Afghan" and "Security" and "Teams" in the one phrase or sentence is as laughable as Cyclop's speech saying he had "Saved the world, hehem, the banking system"?

  10. Has no one actually bothered to read the article:
    "Contractors working for international embassies and non-governmental organisations will be exempt from the decree, as long as security personnel stay within their compounds, the order says."
    Still bit of a crack pot though getting rid of the rest!
  11. I have no problem with the sentiment, but setting a four month deadline is just asking for failure. Maybe if it was a 2 year deadline it might be feasible, but this just simply isn't
  12. "as long as security personnel stay within their compounds, the order says."

    So who does convoy escorts on the run from the Green Zone to KAIA?
  13. What about getting out and about? You know, meeting the locals and doing thier job? As others have said it is all about Karzai getting a cut of the action. Same with his close families' intimate involvement in illegal drugs. Alledgedly.