Karzai to begin peace talks with the Taliban

Sky News are reporting via AFP sources that Afghan President Hamid Karzai to open peace talks with the Taliban No link as yet, just breaking on Sky News Channel.
Got to talk to the tossers. Had to talk to the IRA before peace (sort of) broke out.
Is this news at all? I thought he'd been quietly doing that for some time and there was a peace jirga back in June that approved the idea. Terry's backers in Pindi aren't interested though.

The ISI scooped up Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Quetta Shura's OC earlier this year in Karachi to put a stop to covert beard to beard talks and were cheeky enough to spin Langley a tale that it was a lucky break in the GWOT.

These boys have a clear vision of what victory looks like:

It's not drawing down combat brigades before the next presidential election. Karzai knows that and hopey changey Team Barry seems pretty eager to leave him twisting in the wind if it's politically expedient.

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