Karzai tells NATO to fetch hat and coat

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by phibeck, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. before h15 would be nice !!

    feck him and his stinking country .......
  2. So when he says suspend operations, does he mean cease, pack up all the kit and ship our troops back home?

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  3. :crazy: Most likely cease for a while and let the dust settle!

    However if he wants us to all bugger off, we can come home via Libya!:crazy:
  4. Either way it is easy for him to say, he knows we will not leave so plays to both crowds.

    I wonder how loud he'd bleat if we started the 'straightening of the lines' tommorrow...
  5. Can we cease funding and support operations also??? ok then, I'm all for it.
  6. Just pull out and let the Taleban have him.
  7. I wasn't aware that his super afghan soldiers were ready to take on the Talibs on their own.

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  8. Wondering whether he ever really left.
  9. Good call Karzai, I m sure that the civilian death-rate will decrease when we pull out. So then, we can just leave you all to it, there are no other combatants there that could possibly kill civvies..............

    Thanks for your gratitude to thousands of lost foreign lives and shattered families you ****, I hope Jimmys-best-mate is right and you are the first ****** to go, and am looking forward to seeing your remnants swaying from a bridge (probably built by us)
  10. feck him and the country this is the perfect excuse for us to pull out now , Wonder how quickly he will start bleating when there are no NATO boots on the ground
  11. I wish this quote had a "like" button!!
  12. Quite brave of Karzai really, considering ISAF is the only thing keeping his head attached to his shoulders. Take off and nuke the site from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.