Karzai suggests peace talks... with Pakistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by alib, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. On NightWatch
    Hamid's a tinker isn't he, that will have got further up Pindi's nose than a Kosher restaurent in Abbottabad. I wonder on what terms they would make peace? Are there any that does not involve Hamid getting strung up by Terry?
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  2. very interesting read
  3. He'll be in his multimillion dollar retirement home long before the last soldier leaves.
  4. On Bloomberg Karzai to Ask India for Security Help, Risking Pakistani Ire By Eltaf Najafizada and James Rupert
    Pindi won't like that at all.
  5. On CNN Pentagon dances around Karzai's rebuff of any Taliban negotiations By Charley Keyes
  6. The United States might just see out 2015 with covert funding of an Afghan insurgency into Pakistan. Back to the good old days of cold war when you knew who your enemies were.

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