Karzai and those bags of cash from Iran.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Makes sense for both Iran and Karzai. Karzai knows the west will jack it within a few years and leave him swinging in the wind, he needs a foreign backer to prop up his remaining powerbase, the Iranians wish to assure their influence within a bordering country, and would probably find it easier to deal with a corrupt Karzai govt then a fundamentalist Sunni restored Taliban...what we need to know is if this money is being used to harm western interests in Afghanistan now, rather then buying future influence...Of course Tehran might be somewhat miffed if the second the west withdraws Karzai does one to Monaco with their money...
  2. Oh, that's alright then. Off you go everyone, nothing to see here! :roll:
  3. President Kharzai states that all this money is a "Perfectly transparent transaction..." as the clear plastic bags of Dollar Bills were handed over to his representatives....
  4. It was euros in the bags. US tracks it's cash.

    Makes sense more from an Iranian perspective. Pay off this one and that one, keep the government fragmented and off balance and you never have an afganistan that can promote western will power and assert any kind of power over Iran. Same tactic being used in Iraq.

    From karzai perspective just collect enough bags and stay alive then bugger off to Dubai in your zillion dollar mansion with your pre-martyr 72 virgin boy-servant / love slaves.
  5. Iran has always wanted to be the regional hegemony, thanks to Blair and Bush's ill conceived use of dodgy dossiers etc, they have more or less handed it to Iran on a plate.

    The trouble is, no one will ever believe any of the genuine intelligence which shows Iran to be a major source of training, kit, people and finance to the bad guys. Hell at this rate they will overtake "British" Muslims as the biggest financial contributors to the Taliban.
  6. The EU Accounts have NOT been "signed off" by the auditors for years. Rumours are that over 200 000 000 Euros are missing.

    As for he US tracking its cash, this must have started after shipping containers of the stuff was flown to Iraq and used to "finance" the new government.

  7. I'm not so sure that people don't believe it, more that they don't see what else Iran could do - or even, God help us, see it as a reasonable response. After all, should some hostile foreign power start thrashing around in Eire the UK would be involved up to its armpits. There's also the growing belief among many civvies that it's none of our business messing round abroad - the whole illegal / pointless war view that you allude to - so we should get out and let them get on with it.

    And it is quite a feat to make the Ayatollahs cosy up to the Taliban, they're hardly compatible theologically. Personally I'd see the view from Tehran being that paying the Taliban to die killing Americans is the very definition of win-win. Mind you, the Americans also got Moqtada Al Sadr to become best buds with the neighbours so they are clearly skilled in generating Iranian allies.

    After all, the only reason Iran has a lever to pull to affect the US is that the US kindly removed Saddam to allow them freedom of action. Then bogged themselves down in a landlocked hellhole without properly securing supply routes. Honestly, the Iranians would have to be bonkers not to take advantage of such stupidity. I've said it before and I'll say it again, should Cheney et al turn out to be long term Persian sleeper agents I'd do no more than mutter "ah, now it all makes sense".
  8. The Iranians also have plenty of 'issues' with the Taliban as well, and have had scuffles with them. So it makes sense to buy a bit of favour with the bloke next door. Especially when the west packs it's bags and buggers off and the Taliban starts to think part of Iran should be theirs. I doubt the Iranians will be looking up COIN in the military handbook though.

    They also sell their oil in barrels priced in Euros just to nark the yanks.
  9. I see why the Iranians would want to give Mr Kharzai the money, but unless it was merely a contribution to his overseas retirement fund, I wonder what they asked for in exchange. Surely there would be some form of "quid pro quo"? The only thing which comes readily to mind is the ejection of foreign security contractors. Any thoughts on that?

  10. I dont know why anybody is surprised, the whole of the Middle East, by this I mean all of N. Africa & from the Balkans eastwards to Pakistan & beyond, has always thrived on "backsheesh/graft/bribes" or whatever else you wish to call the "greasing of palms" to conduct any sort of business! Its been a way of life there for centuries!
    It just so happens that it seems to be spreading tp Britain now! Look at all the speaking/consultation fees Bliar is getting out of the M. East and of course the cash Galloway received from Saddam Hussein, not forgetting the bungs that Scargill & the IRA got from Ghaddafi!
  11. Iran is probably just as interested in a stable Afghanistan as Pakistan and the US/ISAF. The only difference being that Iran wants a stable Afghanistan which answers to them, and the US wants a stable Afghanistan which, preferably, answers to it.

    In terms of US and Western interests in the Middle East and Afghanistan, this is worrying when coupled with the very real possibility of a pro-Tehran government coming to power in Iraq. Top that off with the possibility of an Iranian nuclear arsenal (Its seeming increasingly unlikely that diplomacy will win over that situation- military action may be the only resort other then just accepting it) and Iran will become an ever more powerful player in the region- completely contrary to Western interests.

    The sad part in all of this is that its the USA's and its allies blood, sweat, tears and money that have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet at the end of it we could well be looking at two countries falling under our enemies influence. Simply put, the USA has done all the hard work for one of its main enemies. I am sure Iran is loving the thought.
  12. The West calls it corruption.
    The East calls it a way of life.