KartForce - Karting for Injured Troops

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by KartForce, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi
    Our lads have a variety of injuries, mostly amputees. With hand controls we've designed, we race against non-injured drivers on a totally level playing field.

    In our first outdoor endurance race, we started 10th out of 16 teams and finished 6th. We could've taken 4th place but lost 4 mins when our kart broken down and had to be replaced. In our second outdoor endurance race we came 4th.

    Credit - Northampton Chronicle & Echo - Kelly Cooper.jpg

    Our next race is against 34 teams in the Inter-Services Karting Championships on Sat 30th June at RAF Little Rissington. This is the first time a team of injured troops has entered this event. And we're going to blow our fellow service personnel away as we're aiming to win this race!

    Here's a short video that explain what we do, shows you how the hand controls work and shows you a few of the lads racing...


    On Mon 9th & Tue 10th July we'll be setting a new 24 hour World Record. Next year a new team of injured lads will then attempt to break it, and so on year after year. A triple amputee lad also wants to set a new 24 hr World Record karting with 1 hand only. Full details of this event is on our web site - direct link below.

    Dual World Record Attempts

    We'd really appreciate any support you can give in the form of a donation so we can keep getting more injured lads karting and experiencing the massive adrenalin buzz of racing. Here's a link to where you can make a donation - thank you!

    KartForce World Record Attempt is fundraising for KartForce

    If you need more info, check out our website, buy a T-shirt or send us an email - dave@kartforce.org
  2. For what it's worth I'd like to add my endorsement to KartForce. Dave and his team do a great job with a fraction of the funding that many service charities get.

    In case anybody is wondering about the importance of schemes such as KartForce it's a slice of normality, somewhere where injured troops can race on a par with able bodied people in an enjoyable way, it's also a welcome distraction and stress reliever.

    Personally I haven't taken Dave up on offer of taking part, they need to establish a heavy weight division or indeed change to TruckForce - then I'm your man!

    Please support this as best you can.