Karrimor SF Vest


Looking at buying one of these, but would like some feedback from anyone who has bought and used one, both good and bad!

Also, if anyone can point me in the direction of the best deal, I'd appreciate it....RVOps have it for £97, John Bull do it for £89 online, but any cheaper would be awesome.


I have one of these KarrimorSF Sabre Assault Vest and can confirm they are the dogs gonads, by far the most well thought out piece of mil kit I have got my hands on and tough as nails.

What makes it so good is all the things that that aren't mentioned, for example

The large omni pouches on the side, essentially '58 patt kidney pouches, only larger. They are great, huge bugger designed for minimi mags but large enough for goretex or even a poncho, my concern would be my w/bottle would roll all over the shop, however they come with remove able Velcro inserts so you can convert into two smaller pouches.

It has 4 clips in the middle, 2 "internal", under the large zips, and 2 external, over the zips. The internal ones just keep the thing together, whilst the external ones are used to tighten the vest to your body, the added bonus is when you unclip the outer clips the vest stays together.

Because of the outer/external clips this does restrict access to the stow area zips, no drama, the clips are slightly lower giving you a hands width access to the top and, here's the great bit, when you unzip you have internal pouches to stow small items (touch/knife/cam stick) and even one for a Silva, all within easy reach.

The back straps are VERY long, this is so you and adjust to fit over osprey, normally you will cut off (bad idea) or tape down to limit the length, but this system has small Velcro tabs on the ends so you can wrap up and Velcro down.

It comes festooned with pouches both fixed and modular, this means you can remove the modular ones and just fight with the basic rig (4 rifle mag and 2 minimi pouches) or add as many as you want, it comes with 6 additional pouches (3 gren, 2 longer ones and a PRR pouch) but you can add any modular pouches you want

Not only does it have a PRR pouch but also a small hole to remote cables into the internal stow area

The pouches are open topped, this some people may think is a limitation, however they are designed in this way so that you can flatten them, this is good if the pouch is empty or has little inside, it stops the thing from flapping about or rattling the contents

So do I have any complaints ?

The straps although are usefully rolled away, hey do make small balls that can dig into your back if they aren't laying correctly

The zips have metal tags which is a bit noisy

They are many, many clips which you need to remember to fasten up, some of the smaller pouches could of got a way with just Velcro, also all those dangly straps make you look a lott like like a christmas tree


CrownImperial said:
It's got SF in the name so it must be a good bit of kit.

Just one of the reasons I thought I'd seek opinions rather than just buy it!

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