Karrimor SF Predator PATROL 45

Just have some questions on the above ...
Can anybody owning this tell me if the above can take a radio (inside) and kit?

Don't like the look of the TECMAC as its got a chance of coming away from the frame when carrying kit and it doesn't look like you can carry kit and radio at the same time due to it's separate compartments.

Also does anyone use the predator side pouches? If so what are the approx. sizes for the pouches? (when not carrying ammo, want to know what I can get in 'em)
Finally, Do/can the predator side pouches take an issued camelback in the back compartment?

Cheers, LCPL_Bull
Karrimor Predator 45, full description here: kit Monster

It is currently our best selling Karrimor pack, but in answer to your question, no, it does not have any separate or special provision for radios. For that look at the TecMac: kit Monster

With the TecMacYou can carry a radio and personal kit at the same time, and I would be extremely surprised if the pack gave way in the manner that concerns you. These are incredibly well built and I expect Karrimor would help you if you did suffer such a failure. Karrimor are making specific packs for HERRICK, and have been making mortar ammo and Bowman radio packs for years without any negative feedback that we've heard.

Predator Side Pockets kit Monster

These do have a slip pocket behind the panel for a hydro system, 3 litre Camelbak or Karrimor's own both fit well. The panel actually fits the pack better with the bladder in place. The pocket will accept the bladder with or without a cover, personally I'd recommend leaving the cover on.

Pouch size on the panel? The lower pouch is as per Karrimor's Omni Pouch kit Monster and that's big enough for a Minimi 200 round hard box or a full 24 hour ORP, the upper pouches are Karrimor's twin ammo pouch kit Monster and large enough for 6x SA80A2 mags (3 per compartment) think PLCE ammo pouch and you won't be far off.

With the MOLLE strapping on both the Predator 45 and TecMac you could fit pouches directly to the pack, perhaps 2x Omni Pouch each side if that would suit you better. But then you wouldn't have the slip pocket for your bladder, nor could the pouches be detached as quickly as the Predator side panel.

Hope that helps, call us on 01892 538364 if you have any questions.

That looks very similar to the new issue jobbie. Do you do any of the side pouch stuff in MTP?
That looks very similar to the new issue jobbie. Do you do any of the side pouch stuff in MTP?
I wish! KSF do make the Predator 45 (with some minor differences) and the Bowman Radio Pack in MTP, but they are quite simply not allowed to sell anything in MTP outside MOD contracts. See the various other threads on here re commercial sales of MTP.

We have supplied those side panels in plain tan to HERRICK, and there's a review from one buyer here: kit Monster but I know it's a cat walk out there and you'd love the kit to match!

Lcpl Bull might find that review helpful in answering his questions too.

Perhaps KSF will consider making a Crye Multicam range for the future as a 'near as' option, but I can't speak for them on that idea.

Thanks Dom for the information ... great help i've been looking at these since they came out as a replacement to my NI Patrol Pack (Getting to Small for Use), unfortunately I'm after a temperate DPM one (inc. S/Pouches) and so far i've only seen RVOPs with DPM versions. However thanks for the advice, KM still maintaing its excellent customer service reputation! :D
I have spoken to KSF about MTP & Multicm. They are bring out some new soon and are talking to the MoD about the issue of MTP for the open market - I know that KSF are working on this; just a case of waiting out!


Further to Bomb Int and Dom @ Kit Monster, Karrimor Sf have had their samples signed off and are expecting their replicated version of MTP items in the UK in April. The first production run of their new fabric is scheduled next week. Production will include their best selling items: Predator Patrol 45's, Sabre 60-100,PLCE side pockets and also their range of Molle pouches etc.

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