Karrimor SF Predator 80-130 vs Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130

My lowe alpine salient that i bought 1992 is getting a bit to small for me.
Its still in good condition, a couple of the buckels have broken off, but other than that, its still looks great.

My first choice for a new bergen would be Lowe alpine saracen, but since i cant get it anywhere, (in olive green)
I have to look for another brand.

I came across Karrimor SF Predator 80-130 and Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130, can anyone tell me about the differences between the two.?

I have been looking for review on the predator, but cant really find any.?

The features i'm looking for is:

floating lid
big pack (at least 90L)
Stronge material (my Lowe alpine was made of condura 1000)
Olive green
good compresion
Good carrying system

Still looking for Lowe alpine saracen, though.! :)
Have got the Predator 45 myself and love it, one that, i would probably go for the predator owing to its better suitablity to issue kit.

The Sabre 80-130 has an annoying pocket on the rear that sticks out like a sore-thumb, looks like it could take an MG box tho.

The Predator 80-130 has MOLLE around it which would make it more useful if you're a pouch fiend.

Both have a lower opening but i think only the predator has the floating lid.
Hi Denmyos,

Give PRI a call if you need any information on the features or would like any advice - 01392 444700.

Karrimor SF team.
I mail PRI, Roger told me that the predator 80-130 does NOT have a floating lid, and he even send me a picture where you could see the lid was sewed to the pack.
But on the Karrimor website, you can see pictures of the bergan where it seems that the lid is NOT sewed on to the bergan.
The pictures look totally different (not the same straps, straps placed differently) that the one Roger send me. (his was taken by him self i guess)

Can you clarify if the lid is sewed on to the pack or is it a true floating lid (can be raised vertical from the pack).

thanks :)
I have the Sabre.
Very very very comfy but way heavier then the issue bergen. I tend to use it more for travel/holidays then any thing else.
The cover that comes with it is crap.

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