karrimor sabre 80 -130 rucksack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HENDO, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone had one of these, any expierences.

    I was interested in a Lowe Alpine Saracen however there seems to be no stock at all anywhere on the net so was looking at this karrimor although alittle more expensive.
  2. Yher sadly RVOPS have no more until decmeber and the other store only stock it in olive.
  3. What's wrong with the issue bergen?
  4. Nothing but I wanted something I can also use for adventure training with a good back support figured instead of buying a separte bag for adventure training hiking i should combine the two and use this for excerise too.
  5. Ermm...quite a lot is wrong with the issued bergen! Compare any good quality civvy hiking bergen with the issued one and i defy you to find a back system or frame similar. Most of our bodies are well on the way to being written of anyway, getting a bergen with half decent back/strap system would go some way to slowing down the process.
  6. So do you think that the karrimor shown above is a good buy to be used for military use. ??

  7. But the issue bergen doesn't light up like a lighthouse under IR light.

    And this is actually quite important...
  8. The karrimor SF rucksacs are IR

  9. Hasn't this been done before - many times?

    The issue bergen is designed to sit on top of webbing, and is partially supported by it. The Karrimor is designed to be worn alone.

    If you break it, they'll give you a new bergen (unless you're a cadet). If you break your shiny new Karrimor - tough.

    Given the position of the Karrimor's top flap, I think that you will have difficulty wearing it with a helmet.

    P.S. I wouldn't wear the issue bergen hiking.
  10. Got to agree with P_B on all counts.

    If anyone fancies a civvy 'karrimor' sack, make sure you get a knock-down price for it, as they have recently re-designed the adjustable back system. These haven't been released to joe public yet, so make sure you get a good deal on any end-of-line sacks or wait for the new system to hit the shelves.

    This one being discussed is a cracking bergen, as are the others in the karrimor military range, but as already pointed out - it's not compatable with webbing, won't be replaced when broken, etc, etc.
  11. Would you say this is the same with the Lowe Alpine Saracen with regards to not being compatable with webbing ?

  12. If you've got standard belt-order webbing, the only bergen worth considering is a short back issued one. Obviously with a chest rig/vest, you have the option of wearing something like this (with it's better straps and waist belt, etc), although why anyone would want to spend 2-3 days pay on a civvy DPM bergen in preference to the issued one is beyond me. The 'comfort factor' of having a padded adjustable strap and belt system is compromised by your webbing/body armour.

    My first exercise (as a recruit) was wearing the '58 large pack' and from then on we were permitted to use the green, externally-framed 'Para Bergen'. The current issue bergen is a huge improvement on both of these packs. The only criticism I have heard about the current issue bergen is from 3 Cdo Bde following their excursions on foot into the Afghan mountains. Carrying loads upwards of 100lb+ a few of them had the shoulder straps separate from the bag itself, the packs had to be repaired and reinforced by their unit stitch. How often will you be carrying more than 50kg ?

    If you will be living out of your bergen for prolonged periods, upgrade it to the issued 'Air Support' bergen, which has a better back system. The smaller lowe/karrimor packs are awesome, but I'd stay away from the larger ones. Unless you've got an unusual job-role, current ops have generally avoided tabbing for long periods carrying everything you posess on your back, you'll have enough kit on you with your ECBA, fighting kit and daysack without needing a bergen as well.
  13. They are some valid points it would be very unlikley that I would be carrying kit of that weight. This however is something which I wanted to use for adventure training purposes but also in the feild.
    It just seemed a little pointless buying a rucksac simply for this I felt as if I could use the pac for both excercises and adventure training.