karrimor gear - crap these days?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maguire, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    been shopping around for a new civvy manbag - seen a lot of Karrimor rucksacks for very reasonable prices - however, I have heard the brand is not what it once was and that frankly, most of the stuff these days is pish. would I be better off paying a few quid extra for Berghaus or Lowe Alpine kit?

    thank you all for your time.
  2. It's thrown together by Chinamen now - it's just a brand name, sadly. Had some of their boots last year, they were made out if cheese, I think. Stale processed cheese.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I think you're getting 'mixed' confused with 'crap' there. ;)

    is it bad as the reviews suggest? frankly I'd expect better even for £40 as opposed to £55.
  4. It's not bad actually, although i agree with PF's post in ref to chinamen, the freeflow system is great, I got mine for £35 inc delivery
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    where was that from may I ask please?
  6. As above - had some low cut hiking shoes from them - soles started coming away within a couple of months and leaked water through the gaps, then one of the lace holes pulled through and they went in the bin
    Very poor quality
  7. You do see a lot of their stuff going cheap, for whatever reason, in JB Sport's these days. IMO it's still decent gear. Their climbing and treckking rucksacs (and I've tested quite a few, Beghaus, Lowe Alpine, MacPac, Osprey, Pod, Ar'cteryx etc) are the most comfortable and have the most breathable back system I've ever used. Many of the older versions are now collectors items. I've used their rusacks in Norway on exercise yonks ago and more recently as a civi mountaineer. There was an issue in the past over some of their clips freezing up, though I have noticed that these have now been replaced. Karrimor were an official sponsor of Plas Y Brenin (National Mountain Centre) a few years ago and I've seen a lot of top guides in the Alps using their gear. I have always found their reps helpful and they have always been very supportive as a company when it came to support for certain activities I have been involved in. There used to be a lifetime guarantee (for the original purchaser) on some of their sacks. I have no connection with the company btw, just being candid about my experinces with their kit. Hope that helps.
  8. If I recall rightly the Karrimor brand was bought by SportSoccer, that well known purveyor of high quality sporting goods!

    There really is a wide range of brands available, and it ultimately depends on what you want the sack to do and how big you'd like it to be.
    Lowe alpine are pretty good, as are Berghaus. But it may be worth looking at others - Arcteryx, Moutain Equipment, Mountain Hardwear, Grivel, Haglofs to name a few.
    Personally I've got a 35litre Karrimor (its definitely not the brand it used to be, but this particular sack has done pretty well over the last 5or 6 years I've had it) which I use to chuck my climbing kit in on the way to the crag, and for more adventurous things I've a rather nice Grivel Alpine 52 (which is sadly underused at the moment!).
    Its truly a personal thing, try some sacks on, feel for comfort, height, weight distribution, padding volume, and choose one that suits your need.
  9. The problem with Karrimor is that there are several different firms licensed to use the name on their brands. The Karrimor SF range is very very good, I had one of the day sacks for ages and it was great, it is still going strong now as well except my so called best mate who borrowed it from me is using it on a daily basis...
    The stuff you get in sports direct etc is pants, as is the Lonsdale, Everlast and No Fear stuff that they sell, all once solid brands in their day that served many a boxer well over the years.

    Ive got a Mammut 25l daysack that had been made with climbing in mind however it is excellent and very comfy. Sorry cant find a link to one.
  10. Very true. I've not used the Mountain Equipment (another great British mtn company) sacks but heard good things about them. Comfy, clean lines, decent price etc Sadly they don't do an expedition size one. Had a Berghaus Atlas for about twenty years and it's still going strong. IMO not as comfy as the Karrimor Jaguar or Alpiniste though. As OTB point's out it is very subjective at the end of the day so it helps if you can try out a few of your mates first.
  11. Bought a karrirmor cotswald OG bergan off a PS in JLR's in 92 who was getting out for the princely sum of £20 still going strong apart from one burst zip and I've lost the side pouches now. However was a great bergan in it's day and the first one with an adjustable belt to turn it into a longback/short back bergan I'd seen. Only thing making it show it's age is the 2 metal strengtheners on the outside of the bergan. Been temped to send it away and have PLCE zips added to it and some extra compression straps
    looks similar to this one only it says cotswold on it and side pouches were bigger
    SAS Karrimor Bergan Condor 80-130 on eBay (end time 05-Feb-11 13:40:56 GMT)
  12. That brings back memories. :) Yes it was a fine piece of kit. It was either one of them or a Berghaus Roc/Centurian as far as I recall. Despite alll the new fancy stuff on the market these days I remain a big Karrimor/Berghaus fan. They are still well specced at a decent price point, with Karrimor having the edge on comfort and Berghaus in durability IMO. Though TBH there is so little between their sacs that once again it really comes down to personal preference.
  13. For a quality repair/bespoke zips service try Lancashire Sports Repair (LSR) - recently sorted an old beghaus day sack, Lowe boots (missing hook) and re-randed a set of yeti gaiters. Great service.