Me. Pub , tonight, far too much Green King IPA (not my usual tipple) a Blonde who was just "Ay caramba" , really she was , Guys , any of you would have phoned your mums and she was laughing at my jokes and getting her hand in her purse , a premature exit and PTP's 3rd best pulling pants (The Chino's of legend) beyond economical repair.

I can only put it down to Karma, because I felt fine when I cut her out of the herd.

So , a salutory lesson - Don't ever ever ever fcuk with fate or destiny because you think you'll feel better, or you're arrsey about something. Believe me, you won't. Lady luck will Bournville you (literally) every time

You know when you're doing something , you really shouldn't be doing, and fate leans in and drops the nut on you?

Let's hear them.
Have you been watching too much My Name Is Earl? ;)

If Karma is true then I must have been an evil fecker in a previous existance - I'v had my car stolen, smashed in by chavs on a seperate occasion but both within 6 months of each other and then just before my MOT which I couldn't afford because when I desperatly need money owed to me it never comes meaning I had to resort to eating ORPs to survive which ran out just before said monies finally arrived and the damage was done.. :(

But congrats on your luck anyway! :)
If I read you right PTP, you managed to hurl your dinner down your strides, in which case, I suspect bad korma rather than karma. Serves you right, no bacteria can survive a phal. :lol:
If it was phal , it had been processed first. And I know it wasn't , cos the "light of Kashmir" was on my to do list tonight :(
Sometimes Karma can work for you though ..

Like when your ex wife arranges for her new boyfriend and 5 mates to give you a kicking but then catches Genital Warts off him .. :lol

Fcuking Sweet.
:lol: this is still making me chuckle today... Karma at it's best! A prime example of why you should never get the arrse with someone for nothing :D sooooooo you were saying... what was your argument again? I filtered it out after the second line...
A civi mate of mine found out that his wife (now ex funnily enough) was sh@gging around like Prescott during working hours, with his best mate.
Now Mr E was not best amused by this, and kicked the trollop out. He was just off to let his mate know that he was not greatly impressed, when he had a moment of sanity. If the (ex) best mate ends up in A&E, or more likely, the local canal Mr Plod would be able to put two and two together and sus out who could be to blame. So Mr E decides to wait a while..

(And now for the Karma bit) The Ex missis hadn't just been doing the ex best mate, oh no, she'd been putting it about by all accounts and caught some terrible and exotic things. things that were passed onto the ex best mate. Things he didn't get sorted out till his willy looked like some kind of exotic vegetable and surgery was involved.

The moral of the story? Dont sh@g a slag, (unless you are wearing full IPE)

That is poetic justice/karma or whatever.

(edited for mong spelling as I shouldn't try typing while hungover)

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