Karl Winn that bigoted knob end that equates soldiers to paedophiles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by draconis, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi Guys
    I've managed to remove Karl Winns website British Army Killings in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan - British Army Killings once in the last few days but he popped up again within hours with a different host

    he's currently being hosted by a2hosting.com

    send the following email to both abuse@a2hosting.com AND abuse@123-reg.co.uk (his registrars)

    Official complaint against BritishArmykillings.org.uk

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    You've recently taken on hosting for this domain, he has already been
    thrown off his previous hosting company fasthosts this weekend for
    breaking their acceptable use policy for the reasons outlined below.

    Here is an extract from your acceptable use policy which he is violating

    "You are responsible for any content transmitted, or accessed, using our
    network. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data
    or material in violation of any applicable law, regulation is
    prohibited. You may not use our network to directly facilitate the
    violation of any particular law, regulation or this AUP. The activities
    listed below are meant to provide you with examples of activities that
    are strictly prohibited by this AUP. Use of our network to engage in the
    following activities is strictly prohibited:

    defamation, harassment, obscenity, or threatening activity;"

    1. Copyright infringement he is using the official British army logo
    (Crown Copyright) he has had permission revoked to use it but refuses to
    remove it. He even has an email on the website from the MOD demanding
    that he remove it.

    2. he most definitely does not hold a licence to hold individuals names
    and other personal data deceased or otherwise ? he is also naming people
    whom he says were involved in things of a very serious nature, with no
    actual proof.

    3 Hate speech, he is implying simply by the title of his website/domain
    that the British Army were/are cold blooded killers, there is also other
    "evidence" as he calls it which has not been proven in a court of law,
    therefore it should not be on his website.

    4.He discriminates against soldiers stating they are the lowest form of
    society, yet makes no mention on his website of any of the atrocities
    the paramilitaries carried out in Northern Ireland, therefore it is a
    biased view and discriminatory one and a platform to spread paramilitary
    propaganda from.

    5. He is accusing serving British Army personnel and civilians of either
    murder or collusion to murder, which are completely unsubstantiated
    claims and are of an obviously very serious nature.

    I would like you to review the evidence and decide for yourselves what
    to do. My preference would be that you request him to remove the
    offensive material off his website. If you require any further
    information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I've already been in communication with the webmaster Mr Karl Winn
    and after several email exchanges it's pretty obvious he is a staunch
    republican (IRA sympathiser) and is simply using the website to promote
    further hate.

    Free speech is a a basic human right and a kingpin of democracy, however
    there is a line which must not be crossed and that is accusing people of
    murder with no actual proof.


    Your Name

    lets get him knocked off again he will run out of hosting partners soon the more abuse reports they get the quicker he'll be knocked off the internet
  2. Who gives a fuck?

    We've killed plenty of civvies in NI, Iraq and Afghanistan, we can't really cry when someone points it out.
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  3. you obviously haven't looked at his website
  4. I've seen it before. I still don't give a fuck.
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  5. move along then nothing to see here for you
  6. Did you do a little sex-wee when you clicked the "Send" button?
  7. Were you expecting a better turnout for your bus of outrage?
  8. I can't be arsed with the apathy in this place......how ironic
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  9. can anyone else smell cat shit? have you tracked it across the carpet again?
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  10. Well Fuck Off then, Knobhead!