Karen Upton is first receipient of Elizabeth Cross

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by leprecon, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. On BBC news - Karen Upton receives the Elizabeth Cross on the day her husband WO2 Sean Upton is to be buried.

    bbc news linky

    She says that she will wear the cross with pride and honour at his funeral today. :salut:

    Brave woman, and sadly the first of many who will be receiving this honour.
  2. That's one 'award' that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

    I'm sure she'll wear it with pride and unbelievable pain. Credit to her and RIP fella.

  3. Wonderful gesture, but sad I am sure.
  4. Sadly the only medal thats ever been issued to the right person and on time. Poor woman. But the medal seems a very good idea to me.
  5. Interesting statement, how do you mean ?
  6. The delays and cock ups in issuing medals are so well known they don't bear repeating here. This thread is about the first recipient of the new decoration.
  7. 'The nation thanks you for your sacrifice'
  8. The Nation's Gratitude...

    Mrs Upton, 32, said: "It is an absolute honour to receive the very first Elizabeth Cross in Her Majesty's name and comforting to feel the support of Queen and Country.

    "Sean and I grew up together, were childhood sweethearts and soulmates. He was a loving husband and devoted father."

    She added: "I will wear this Elizabeth Cross in his honour with pride and treasure it always."

    Well said Mrs Upton. I'll be raising a glass to you and all those bereaved tonight...
  9. So don't start a post mentioning it then, especially if you haven't got a clue what you're talking about.
  10. A gesture by the govt that is long overdue.
    Just pray that they don't mint too many of them, better to see the men home and safe, than another grieving family.
  11. Interesting timing, giving it to her on the day of his funeral. I am not sure I could cope with all of that on the same day.
  12. As far as i'm concerned she represents everything that made this country great. She's stronger than i'll ever be.
  13. The courage and bearing of Mrs Upton and the famillies of others who have fallen is a lesson in humility and dignity, especially when they will be feeling so much pain at their loss, that our political masters could not even attempt to match. Mrs Upton, ma'am, you can justly wear that Elizabeth Cross with pride.
  14. I think she handled it very well, and it seemed a positive side to an otherwise horrible day. (as positive it can be, anyway).