Karate woman knocked out Coldstream Guardsman with one punch

Dear Abby, I know these people. Should I be proud? Hell yeah!

Karate woman knocked out Coldstream Guardsman with one punch in row over soldiers pretending to be gay

A woman martial arts expert knocked out a Coldstream Guardsman and attacked another squaddie's wife at an Army Christmas ball in a row over soldiers pretending to be gay.

Ashley Wolfe, who is 5ft 3ins and was wearing a floor-length red satin dress, assaulted Lance Sergeant Michael Fallows at a party for Sergeants, officers and their wives at Woolwich Barracks in south east London.
The 24-year-old Canadian flew into a rage when she saw soldiers 'kissing' and 'grinding' on the dancefloor.

Wolfe was attending the party with her husband and fellow self-defence expert, William.



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Ashley's husband Bill Wolfe was also at the barracks teaching unarmed combat. His nose was bitten off in the fight.

I'm unsure why I find this hilarious.
I thought what happens in the mess stays in the mess, especially if some bird sparks you out, the less people knowing the better.
So pissed off I didnt go to that Function now!!!!!
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