Karate within the army

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by scooperman, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, i currently study shotokan karate, and have been at my club for roughly half a year. Hopefully i'll be starting basic in the next six months, and i know that callum13, werewolf et al, study, or have studied martial arts. Simply put, will i get the chance to train once at my unit, either locally to barracks, or within the army itself? My sensei has said i'll be welcome any time, so i'd really like to keep improving whilst away.
  2. Best person to ask is Sandy the Guv'nor, as he is both a serving PTI with the Paras and an MMA fighter. Bare in mind that your priority must be passing Basic; Karate, or any other Sport/Martial Art, is going to have to take a back seat.

    Best of luck. :D
  3. [​IMG]

    Good enough for training i suppose but once you are earning a bit more you will be able to afford much nicer stuff like Brut 33/Denim or Old Spice.
  4. I found it difficult to keep up one particular style of karate when I was in (okay, it had only just been invented, then:D ) but found that various garrisons in UK usually had some sort of martial arts club. Germany has loads of different clubs if you don't mind the language barrier and can get off camp.

    I found that all were very welcoming despite different styles. Consequently I've enjoyed training in Wado-Ryu, Shotokan and Goju-ryu. They would teach me their katas and I' d show them mine. Good for getting an overall view of the whole martial arts ethos.

    In Cyprus there wasn't a club in the vicinity so a couple of us set up our own club which became very popular and eventually produced the all-island champion.

    If you enjoy it that much you'll keep doing it, even if it's in the corner of the gym by yourself. However, you'll always find others who will practice with you; some have done it in the past and want to start again, others who have done nothing and others in the same position as yourself.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks for the advice, and werewolf, beleive me, nothings going to be as important to me as passing basic :D , and Dubb, i've cross trained before in the past, and found i got better at an incredibly quick rate, but as you say, it looks like it's going to be a case of wait and see where i'm stationed etc. Thanks again.

    ( And knocker, i earn more than i'm going to be earning for the first few years now, i'm just a tight basteward and only intend to spend my money on drink and women :p )
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  8. The mighty Baron James Shortt of Castleshort is your man on that one. He is basically a real life version of Neo from The Matrix.
  9. Hahaha, so i've seen from his initiation video's. To be honest guys, he's the reason i started karate, and the reason i'm joining up, i mean, lets face it, he did f**k all and became famous, imagine what i could become with a bit of training :p
  10. You beat me to it...

    If you're going anywhere do a few months of judo, say or karate (as you have) then get yersel to Rick Young's place in Edinburgh.

    Never been there myself, but have heard good report about it over the years.

    AND!!!,, they let anyone in.. ask WW :D :D :D

    Await incoming...
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    I don't have to take such abuse from you - I've got people lining up to abuse me(and not in a good way)! :D

    Anyway, the lad was asking about training in karate while serving.

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