Well, you never know when you might have to abseil off all those cliffs you find in the desert.
The same reason that people still insist on putting scrim net on their helmet - they think they look 'warry'
I keep one on mine so you can clip it to wagon.

It's impossible to wear webbing in the cupola of a 432, so it gets clipped to the hatch handle using a crab and its really quick to undo, of course it goes inside if you're battened down.

Beats losing everything you own on a bit of cross country.
If its any help I've seen the US Rangers clip the butts of their short stock M-16s on to their webbing yokes with karabiners.  Makes it a lot easier for them to use both hands for other tasks.
Makes sure that your webbing and bergan do not become seperated when deploying to theatre with Crab air.  

Lets face it a karabiner is a useful bit of kit for all sorts of reasons, why not have one on your person.

Mr Happy

I have to admit to never having used mine but I got one 'cos all the old soaks had one.  But we have cable-ties these days so I use those for just about everything except killing the enemy..
same here had one cos everyone else had one on their
webbing  . got rid of it when i realised couldnt rember
why it was there  :)
It depends on where on your belt kit the Kari is. On your waist then you can clip your helmet to it, Mr Happy, the reason why you never needed it was you never did any river crossings. Then it clips your kit together, if in contact unclip and act like a sheppard. It also clips you to a guide line if you are doing an assualt preceded by a climb up a cliff.

But as you say, most only use it for posing.
many years ago used to have one on my bergan it clip onto the landrover cage to stop my bergan been thrown all over the place.l

Still have the beast and it is still on my Bergan...... never use it though ;D

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