Kangaroo Courts

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hitch, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone else experienced this in the glorious Corps?

    Chicksands, A2. Having been checking the internet for messages - with permission - I was called into to the office of the WO in charge of the course. Someone had been accessing porn via the internet. She said that the times porn sites were accessed matched those of the times I had entered on the users log. When I denied it she said that there was no-one else under suspicion and that I was very immature not to admit to it. She sent me away to reflect on my guilt and told me to come back when I had the maturity to confess.

    Shortly afterwards I heard that I was not the only one she had accused. Basically she gave the same spiel to anyone stupid enough to fill in the internet users log in the belief that one of us was guilty and would crack under the pressure.

    Anyone else been subject to this unique brand of justice?
  2. If I were you, I would reflect upon what was said. Then I'd redress the bitch. Just to really throw the spanner in.......go see you Equal Opps Officer and demand that she either provide the evidence .......or retract her accustaion and apologise to you.

    That'll upset them.
  3. A strongly worded complaint to higher autority is in order I think.


    PS if it was you admit it as long as it was not kiddie porn or beastiality you will not be thought to badly by any one living in the real world.
  4. A computer specialist would be able to find out the exact time the offending pages were accessed. If she wants to take it any further, she'll have to ask for a police investigation (though, by questioning you about the matter, she has already prejudiced that course of action somewhat). If she's doesn't intend pursuing the matter and it's not going to have any bearing on your course report, if I were you, I'd leave it at that.

    Any pc that has multiple users is open to abuse and it is very difficult to attribute abuse to one person, unless they have to log-in with a personal username and password (and even that isn't infallible).
  5. This Warrant Officer teaches security and doesn't understand the complete and utter irrelevance of the "evidence" such as it isn't?

    Put up or shut up, M'am. She should call in the SIB (who will tell her that short of having unique log-ins and the suite under CCTV there's not much she can actually prove to a criminal or possibly civil standard) or leave you alone.

  6. Get alongside her and tell her what chance she has of sorting this and how wrong she was to accuse you. Talk generally about redress but leave it hanging. Should get you an A grade?
  7. Hitch

    Good job that you don't know anyone from the local MI Section that looks after security there.

    But even if you did, they probably do not have any PSAV reports, already pointing out the lack of enforceable controls in that area?

    Lest rest assured; that as this is the first time that inappropriate material has ever been found on one of those machines, that it will certainly never be allowed to happen again!!

    Perhaps your accusor has had little formal training in the conduct of a security investigation??

    Is an update module in order here??
  8. Youre all missing the point. She was quite obviously getting aroused by one of the chaps surfing for franky vaughan. Not one of them twigged onto it and offered her a bit of real time action. She probably wanted to give you a bit of relief whilst twiddling the mouse. It was maybe just her shy way of saying 'give me a good hard shag'. Probably anyway.
  9. Yeah - cracking idea for the first scene of a grumble flick. What was she wearing? :lol: :p
  10. Good God! She must just be playing and pulling you plonker, has to be, or a very sad cow?

    I thought you INT boys would be good at proving / disproving this kind of thing?

    If she chins you off on this, PM me.

    I’m just a" lowly" side scuttler, on the way out, but this kind of thing was / is, my bread and butter, so happy to help if needed.
  11. I feel there is a little more to this story…

    It is quite possible that Hitch was in fact responsible for viewing the illicit material; however, he may not have been aware of it. I’m no psychologist, but Hitch could be suffering from either a multiple personality disorder or, having looked at his other posts on this site, it is not inconceivable that Hitch is suffering from schizophrenia.

    Posted on the Military History and Militaria Forum a few weeks ago:
    Only seven weeks later, Hitch has rejoined the British Army, completed Phase One training, and is currently at

    Unless Hitch is an ex-Tom in the civilian sense, in which case surely there are vetting issues concerning a former prostitute working within the Defence Intelligence community.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Interesting points, well brought out :D
  13. Tell your WO that it was you and that you were just looking at the nude photographs of her on a certain site and that you'd only done so after hearing about it in the NAAFI earlier that morning.

    Give her the names of some dodgy kiddie porn sites and time it so that the Mon keys turn up when she's scouring them.

    All your problems solved in a oner.
  14. perhaps it was a cunningly disguised resistance to interrogation excercise, next time just stick to the big four till she tells you it's endex.
  15. Maybe I should clarify.

    The story I referred to occurred in the late 90's before I left. A civvie colleague and I were discussing arbitrary justice and this gem came to mind.

    Pity a forum such as this was not available then.

    Unlikely she ever any action - the creature was a test pilot for broomsticks