Kangaroo Court - Arrse v England


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"....you will be taken to a place of execution, where you will be hanged by the neck until dead."
Hangin's too fecking good for them, I can't put into words how annoyed I am, they all need to dropped in the wilderness somewhere, learn some humility. Wayne Rooney world class, my hairy arrse he is.


You couldnt put them in court as it would be unfair as everyone knows their defence is bloody useless
tropper66 said:
dropshortjock said:
David James is the only player I have any sympathy for: not sure why they bothered with having a defence at all if that is the best they can come up with.
Without James it would have been 8/9-1

They were totally outplayed & all the moaning in the world from the english won't change a thing, they were terrible,

Will anything change before the next world cup?

pull the other one, as long as they stay millionaires they won't care!

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