Discussion in 'Travel' started by Lancialfa, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Evening all,

    has anyone ever been on holiday to Kandersteg in Switzerland....

    Any reviews, or places youd recommend? :D

    Cheers in advance
  2. It has a humoungously famous Scout Camp there if that interests you :)
  3. maybe.... :)

    But seriously.. any good?
  4. Yes, drove from London to Kandersteg a few years ago. Stayed there for two weeks. Loved it.

    Though we did go out of season ( March ), so it was blissfully quiet. So quiet that we were the only people on the campsite. There were no annoying skiers or snowboarders and a lot of the ''tourist'' attractions were closed. As were many of the cable cars and ski lifts....... but the maintenance crews were happy to let us cabby on them during maintenance runs.

    Excellent for a bit of Alpine walking, saw some awesome avalanches and glaciers shifts. The Alpine meadows are a real treat if wild flowers float your boat.

    I've still got my Lotchy pass stuck to my dashboard.
  5. Excellent... but I will be going there for a bit of skiing....

    And some fishing... which im hoping there is a bit of there!
  6. I guessed you'd be going for the skiing. Can't comment on that cos I'm a non-skier...... but the town is well set up for it.

    There used to be a webcam set up at the train station that I looked at before I went. Try googling Kandersteg webcam to see if it's still operating.

    There is a small river that runs through the town that was full of Trout. Again, not sure about fishing but the Tourist office in Kandersteg will let you know, it is probably the best one I've ever been too, the staff could not have been more helpful. There is a large glacial lake above the town ( it's a good lung buster getting up to it ) called the Oeschinensee.
  7. Infact if anyone knows of a better ski resort thats closer to Basel (where im landing) please let me know!