Kandahar -Profit margins v Service

Sitting here as a civilian being paid a decent wage arrser's on this site might think I should keep my mouth shut,soldier on so to speak,but no I just have to have a whinge. Recently things on this airfield have taken a downward spiral, mostly in the foodservice area but also in the services provided by substandard contracted companies.I know I know I work for the cousin of the great Yankie devil KBR (US),but since Supreme,Atco and Eco-log have taken over there are complaints a plenty.Mostly from the Military fraternity,but also from civilians working for the said companies. An American OC has let his feelings be known by saying he expects his soldiers to lose weight in the field,not on downtime in base. Last year KBR UK fed the British military on KAF, with not being biased,decent grub.The only drawback was the aircon in the cookhouse,but by and large Brits fed well,unlike now.Foodsells at Burgerking and Pizzahut are at a record high,emphasising the point that not everyone wants to eat the food Supreme is dishing up.Supreme now as well as feeding the troops and civies also supply the food , which they also did for both KBR's, so why is the food so abysmal .......PROFIT

ATCO are the airfield contractors,doing things from freight movement,aircraft reception, refueling and all the host of activities connected with that operation,including FIRE and RESCUE. KBR US held the contract for quite some time and if you listen to people on the base,did a good job.ATCO arrived and to cut a long story short,KBR US had to postpone their move out of the base to train ATCO personnel in FIRE and RESCUE.All the crews from KBR were US citizens,where however ATCO crews are recruited from the Phillipines,and as the Crew Chiefs have commented , not up to a standard you'd expect at an operational 24/7 base......PROFIT..or Pay peanuts get chimps.

NAMSA, the contracting side of NATO/ISAF appoint companies after tender not always on the companies skills but on its cheapness,me thinks NAMSA is headed by Europeans with a bias towards anything USA/UK

Serving Toms at the FOB's and Bastion, my experience is only of KAF I have little idea of the food at your locations, however I'm informed that you still have Army Chefs/Sloppies, so perhaps your situation is worse than mine !!!
Civvy, good wages, based in Kandahar? You've picked the wrong place to whine. You're in a virtual palace compared to what we had in the FOB's and even Bastion i.e nothing. Dry your eyes pet.
Its not me who's crying, just having a whine.The toms are not happy judging by the complaints in the messing meeting to-day.

Question, what happened in Bastion then, even safer than here.

Oh and my eye's are not shedding a tear,my dear.
I was in Kaf in Feb and again in August. The difference in the food was unbelievable. The yank cookhouse just churns out filth. What the hell are grits anyway?!!

I actually thought that the services were better in Bastion but then again I did get to catch a USO full of cheerleaders in KAF which perks you up no end!

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