Kandahar Break At The Glasgow Film Festival (27th February 2010 at 6.15pm

Filmed at considerable personal risk to the cast and crew, Kandahar Break is a nail-biting drama set in the Afghanistan of the late 1990s. Richard is a British engineer under contract to clear the landmines that pepper the country. His task is to remain an objective professional regardless of the increasingly intolerable conditions under the Taleban. His situation becomes impossible as his love for a local woman puts him at odds with the regime and places them both in grave danger. An engrossing, tautly handled personal tale from the front line of a country in permanent conflict.

We are delighted to welcome director David Whitney who will be introducing the film and then will host a short Q&A session.

If you are in the glasgow region you should check out this film which gives another perspective of the British Army and people in Afghanistan. It would be good to get other sides of the story and the opportunity to discuss with the director after the film is there for those that want to discuss the film.

To book tickets or to find out more check out: http://www.glasgowfilmfestival.org.uk
Saw this advertised on Sunday, looks good so if am not trapped on the A9 then why not :)

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