Kandahar Air Base Vist Advise

I cannot get enough of Chanel 5's Airforce Afganistan, the job our Service Men and Women are doing out their is just fantastic.

You often see reporters, page 3 girls, polititions vistiting our troops, what I was wondering was, can Joe Pulbic (me) get over there to show my support as I think it would be good to show that it is not just people in the spotlight care about the Job that is being done.

Any advise most welcome.

Ex Fusilier
And what would you do once you got there?
Its very kind to offer, but there are enough people out there to do any odd jobs around camp and youve got to think about how youd get there, who'd look after you, insurance, kit etc...

Its not going to happen really, its a bit dangerous to have random civvies on a jolly wandering around the place.
You could always go and get a job there. There is a huge civillain(ish) support staff on bases like this. If you have a trade, engineer, cook, spark, bottle washer etc. Not sure what companies are working out of Kandahar but wouldnt be too hard to find out. Just depends if they can find a use for you!

But thats talking about a long term contract, cant see any way of getting out for a week or two.

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