Kamikazi Koi


Is it a distant genetic link with the Nippon or am I the owner of Kamikazi Koi carp?
On the sick at home so I thought as the weather is mild I would start the pond pump and feed the fish. An hour later & I take a look and about 5 foot from the pond is one of my fish in the middle of the lawn doing the dying fish routine. I guess fish food must really be boring! I put the dumb fish cum amphibian in the pond and one of my springer bitches shows me how clever she is at fish retrieving. I am cursed/blessed with loony pets!
I had a goldfish that loved to jump out of the spare tank whenever i was cleaning the main one. One day im sure it was out of the water for a good 15 mins before i found it and performed a david hasselhofesque mouth to mouth resuscitation (obvioulsy using a straw).

The fish survived that time and went onto reach a ripe old 6yrs old.
Get out the pointy hat and call me a dunce.. but how the fek do you give a fish mouth to mouth with a straw..??

they don't need AIR.. they need Water.. you spit down its throat? or pour a Guinness down its gullet?

sorry, but I'm scratching my head on this one..
Have also done mouth to mouth on a fish. Also ran it through the water like a toy car (water thru' gills approach) - result was seemingly dead fish was then alive.

Don't know which bit worked but it did. That was also the result of dozy fish leaping out of container whilst being treated for poorly scales.
Indeed, though I am sure some of our more discerning members have also frequently performed mouth to mouth on old trouts??!!

:? :D
Old trouts have certainly tried to inflate Little M on occasion with some success.
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