Kamikaze Tax Returns

As usual, Texans have to go one better.

P1ssed off at the Taxman?
Simples. Fly your plane into their offices

Now the big question that follows is what equivalent can we do in the UK?

I know someone with a microlight, but the thought of flying all the way up north to bump into a wall and slowly slide down just doesn't seem to really express rage and venom sufficently.

Is this why individuals' HMRC offices are always the other end of the country?

Have private plane owners been already taxed out of the UK?
Any creative suggestions?


Book Reviewer
In his suicide "manifesto," which he posted on his own website, Stack also railed against Wall Street bankers, the Catholic Church, President George W Bush and the health care system.
...and the Clangers, the Illuminati, Bagpuss, the New World Order, the Rothschilds.........

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