Kamikaze Jap Navy front-ender!

Looks like Blackpool in one of the photos.

The bottom photo shows the Upper Bridge or Bridge Roof absolutely chocker.

Now if thats how Nippon Navy mans its ships its no wonder they hit something, either the poor bugger driving couldn't see..............or the matelot who should be down below steering was up there with his oppos.

Either way they won't be painting ship for a while
Volunteer said:
vvaannmmaann said:
No biscuits at that interview then?
But maybe an invitation to fall on his sword ... honourably.
I didn't think the Japanese did 'falling' on swords... more sitting cross legged, whilst openings ones gut, before a loyal lieutenent lopped your head off as a coup de grace.

Blimey it looks like one of those worms from Frank Herbert's Dune series. Look at the anchor dangling...

Could paint really explode like that? And if so... would you want it on a ship of war?

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