Kam fly with me the Afghan way

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. 'Kam fly with me the Afghan way'
    Last Modified: 19 Feb 2008
    By: Alex Thomson

    Blog: It was only a matter of time, I suppose. The EasyJet culture has now reached Afghanistan - in the shape of Kam Air.

    Well, you can tell things are changing even as you approach the airport. To your right there's a GREAT BIG SIGN.

    The GBS simply says: "New International Terminal From Japan". Which I like. None of the usual nonsense nobody wants to know about international donorship and finance and partnerships and how's your father.
    More on the link!
  2. Stelios missed a trick there, must be kicking himself.

    IIRC Afghanistan was a bit of a holiday destination in the 60s for hippies and suchlike, maybe they are trying to recreate those halycon times. 8)
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  3. Is that past the roundabout with the Sukhoi on it?

    The 60s architecture of some of the guest houses still looks pretty cool, and would've looked even better in their heyday. But, like the rest of the country they've gone to shit.
    Christ knows why someone would want to go on holiday there now.

  4. Well terry may offer to escort you on a prolonged safari around the picturesque hills and dales of Af or Pak if you dont mind long trips and dont lose your head by moaning.
  5. DHL (not the package people) and Air-tech (or aerotech?) have been flying civvy flights out of BSN to Dubai for ages.
  6. Used to fly on KAM air a few years ago.....was quite good.....food was fairly decent too. Saw one of their planes here the other day, was all new and shiny.
  7. DFS and Aerotech.
  8. In the 70s Ariana Afghan Airlines used to fly into Heathrow using one of their beaten up old Boeing 707s. When the jetty went on and the door opened, you used to get chickens flying out of the plane. It was not unknown for passengers to brew up in the aisle with paraffin stoves.

    Strangely, Ariana were eventually banned from operating into Heathrow.
  9. No shiny new planes, they've got a single Airbus 320 and a single 767 and the rest are much older beasts.....
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Would that they could. In the 70's Afghan was indeed on the hippy trail. But there were more spooky types in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Mazi etc than there are now. Even the Swiss had a couple of guys in. And not everyone who looked like a 'hippy' believed in love 'n peace. The USA and the USSR were doing a see-saw for influence until the Soviets said "**** this" and invaded. An act I shall never forgive them for and one which led directly to 9/11 and worse. Not that the Septics were not equally stupid at the time.

    On the old Afghan Airlines (Adios Airways to its friends) I was asked if I would mind moving my seat. Because some local Nabob wanted to strap a VW van front axle across the two seats. Hey, nay bother son.

    I would still trust an Afghan carrier over a Russian carrier. But only if a donkey was not available.
  11. DFS are now using Fly Dubai aircraft for their flights in and out of ganners, which is nice, unless it is full of American contractors telling each other how awesome they are.